Thousands in the street to save Pirin National Park

Thousands of people took to the streets to save Pirin National Park in Bulgaria, after the government announced that part of it would be cleared for commercial use and to build ski resorts. (📷 : Simeon Tsonchev / Mono Collective)

01/11/2018 7:31 PM


  • Nikola N.
    01/15/2020 21:50

    На всички които са гласували честито!!!

  • Eva G.
    01/27/2018 00:52

    People don’t want 48% of the park to be used for constructions. Ulen doesn’t pay its taxes and don’t have accountig reports for the past 3 years, but the government still gave them Pirin as a gift.

  • Bono L.
    01/26/2018 19:25

    Вашта М..ца! Кажете на Лео да затворят половината Аспен, че пречат на животните.

  • Kain B.
    01/24/2018 20:35

    Maria Slavova We served for the cause we did our small contribution now we wait !!

  • Debbie E.
    01/21/2018 19:04

    How the hell do they get away with ANY construction, ski resorts or logging!!?

  • Iaroslav K.
    01/21/2018 11:58

    Глупаци , вашите алпи нарязани със по 8 кабини , къде тръгнахте да защитавате пирин не ви знам ...

  • Dwayne A.
    01/19/2018 21:08

    To anyone saying this is fake and manipulated I suggest you remember, who's your PM, who owns the media and what the hell is going with Bansko. You realize that the politicians are mainly corrupted and you still take their word?? Idiots. But hey if you get payed today, it doesn't matter you don't give a damn about the world tomorrow and what will happen to your children, because of your immense greed. Remember this, Bulgaria is corrupted because of you, I hope you never sleep knowing this.

  • Chris C.
    01/19/2018 06:35

    This is where the babagaboosh was created ? Lol sorry bro call you tomorrow got caught up

  • Denitsa K.
    01/18/2018 18:21

  • Ioan B.
    01/18/2018 12:42

    This is false and misleading, the area or the only ski resort will be increased by about 1-2%, in order to build a second chairlift. I can’t believe so many people forgot to check their facts before running their mouths. Oh and the ecological commission will have to somehow compensate for the ecological impact of any trees cut down in order to make way for the chairlift, because that’s the eu law.

  • Dimitar D.
    01/17/2018 20:06

    Oui, ils veulent construire sur 40% de la territoire. Les commentaires dans le genre c est fake, c est pas toute la verité et etc. sont faites par des gens qui ont de commerces à proximité ou des gens habitants à Bansko. Car un tel projet va aller dans leur sense + de touristes, emplois, travail.

  • Kyle A.
    01/17/2018 05:33

    Martin Ivanov

  • Alex K.
    01/16/2018 22:53

    Typical. Wankers

  • Nancy S.
    01/15/2018 22:01

    Don’t let this happen😥

  • Alex G.
    01/15/2018 17:08

    Fight for this my fellow Bulgarians !!!

  • Giulia D.
    01/15/2018 11:44

    😰 tu hai visto le proteste a Sofia?

  • Ivan M.
    01/15/2018 03:47

    This is manipulation! Nobody threatens the park !!! Protesters are paid! Russia is again trying to destabilize the government !!!

  • Nick A.
    01/15/2018 03:39

    I don’t agree with the logging but I do agree with the recreational use

  • Tim C.
    01/14/2018 23:57

    Maxwell Evans

  • Keth W.
    01/14/2018 21:45


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