Two brothers want to make people aware of the condition of the...

Two brothers want to make people aware of the condition of the Citarium River in Indonesia. Used by 5 million people everyday, it's the most polluted river in the world. More info: Make A Change World

08/29/2017 11:23 AM


  • Courtney B.
    09/03/2017 02:39

    How disgusting...the earth is way over populated.

  • Stuart H.
    09/01/2017 12:19

    Until the human race starts caring nothing will ever change. Mankind is doomed.

  • Darren B.
    08/31/2017 18:01

    When no-one cares.....whats the point?

  • Deanna P.
    08/31/2017 08:23

    Yuck 🤢

  • Brenda F.
    08/30/2017 23:48


  • Daniel N.
    08/30/2017 11:41

    So emissions trading schemes take money from 1st world countries who have 1st world rubbish collection systems who use a lot of energy resources to give to third world countries polluting their own environment with toxic waste. Mmmmmmm

  • Nita T.
    08/30/2017 10:21

    What can I do to help?

  • Mahad K.
    08/30/2017 10:21

    It is even disgusting to watch!

  • James A.
    08/30/2017 10:06

    Andric :O

  • Davood H.
    08/30/2017 09:08

    people pigs...will destroy everything.

  • Matt B.
    08/30/2017 08:26

    We should all send prayers

  • Tomonori T.
    08/30/2017 07:25

    Arnt india also has most polluted river too no?

  • Marco G.
    08/30/2017 06:54

    This is just disgusting and it's our fault we really are a very awful species, the human species This world should really get rid of us make us disappear!!!!

  • Matt W.
    08/30/2017 06:49

    Thanks for ruining the planet Big Business...

  • Jenalle D.
    08/30/2017 06:23

    Filthy grubs.

  • Mitchell S.
    08/30/2017 05:22

    So why should people thousands of miles away care? Make the people that live there clean it up or deal with it being a cesspool.

  • Jan L.
    08/30/2017 04:07

    and yet their government is not doing a thing about this one? tsk tsk

  • Jay W.
    08/30/2017 04:00

    This is quite incredible, imagine how many bottles could be created by the plastic waste alone?

  • Lester R.
    08/30/2017 02:14

    So wrong! !! What is wrong with human beings!!

  • Julia M.
    08/30/2017 01:01

    that is fucked up!

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