• Glenn S.
    05/02/2018 23:25

    Global warming my ass to many people flushing toilets and taking showers and watering lawns

  • Ayska B.
    03/27/2018 21:04

    For any coastal cities, desalination plants will be the most realistic option for saving them. If coastal cities could supply themselves purely from the ocean, a significant amount of water would once again become available for inland areas, which would have a much harder time getting all the ocean water pipped to them. Not all crisis would be solved by this but definitely some, like LA, Cape Town, Dhaka and plenty others.

  • Andreas C.
    03/27/2018 11:17

    Water new oil business!

  • Emma K.
    03/27/2018 10:39

    This is what I was talking about the other day!

  • Hira F.
    03/27/2018 07:50

    why not seek water from twin oceans