What are endocrine disruptors?

Endocrine disruptors are everywhere, even in our plates, and the way they affect mankind is still barely understood. But what are they exactly?

09/06/2018 8:32 AM


  • Katie H.
    06/05/2021 14:28

    In the USA, we switched to BPA free bottle too. But not sure about packaging? Hmmm.

  • Shban E.
    09/24/2018 02:13

    Thanks for sharing

  • Shban E.
    09/24/2018 02:12

    That's y our Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him told us to say Bismillah and kalma tayyaba.

  • عبد ا.
    09/21/2018 12:54


  • Virginia B.
    09/16/2018 04:54

    Thank you for sharing

  • Enap E.
    09/14/2018 08:33


  • Muhammad O.
    09/13/2018 20:32


  • Martin D.
    09/13/2018 15:52


  • Kakakhel M.
    09/12/2018 18:48

    seems interesting 🤔

  • Taufan M.
    09/11/2018 08:45

    I eat meat thanks

  • Esmehane K.
    09/08/2018 19:20

    Lets go back to stone age please

  • ابو ح.
    09/07/2018 06:44


  • Sierra M.
    09/06/2018 15:49

    what a coincidence! I read an article in GQ yesterday that said men are going extinct, and this was mentioned:

  • Linda R.
    09/06/2018 10:45

    I think of the potential for cross contamination by all the different chemical substances and natural foods that are Ingested, applied to the skin, even fabric softener in underwear, and then what we breath in, affecting hormonal balance. Our hormones are our tree of life.

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