• Manju S.
    10/13/2020 08:51

    The company should provide internet connections a chair nd table

  • Manju S.
    10/13/2020 08:50

    Yes very much leaves r avoided no traffic jams and pollution work nd can care the family also but the work timing's should be from 10 to 1 nd 2 to 5 .

  • Katarzyna W.
    10/13/2020 07:28

    Hmmm... I walked to work so 1. is out. Do not have AC, and we need to heat our homes , regardless we are in it or not. So 2. is out. Video call once per 3 months, only calls and emails, regardless I am in office or not. So HO did not no change a thing :(

  • Wong Y.
    10/13/2020 04:37

    the thing we talked about yesterday !

  • Sajjad B.
    10/12/2020 23:40

    Learn from home

  • Angela S.
    10/12/2020 20:59

    Yes... very good 👍

  • Pahrurrozi A.
    10/12/2020 20:39

    Lol, there's always trade off. The best choice is using the guide of our creator (Quran n Sunnah).,,

  • LOAN W.
    06/10/2020 23:59

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  • Prabodh K.
    06/08/2020 04:46

    People complain for everything. Working for office is better than working from home from environment prospective, well you should visit Bangalore in India or places like that. Once you see the number of vehicles in road on a normal working day, Then you will just shut your mouth

  • Susan K.
    06/07/2020 04:01

    There won’t be much retail left when this is all said and done.

  • Theresa B.
    06/06/2020 15:22

    Almost nothing we humans do is GOOD for the planet. The best we can hope for is to do no HARM

  • Zaslow C.
    06/06/2020 14:10

    Well of course it's better for the planet if you don't need to go driving somewhere everyday...What if you work Retail? How do you work from home if you're working that sort of job? The key would be to raise wages so that people can afford to live near work.

  • Serge P.
    06/06/2020 09:15

    That's great and all, but not many jobs exist that allow you to work from home.

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