• Saskia K.
    03/06/2019 17:38

    I call on supermarkets to get rid of plastic packaging! Albert Hein , Lidl and others do something about it! Set an example for other supermarkets !

  • Christopher B.
    03/06/2019 18:34

    Yes let's keep at it we can destroy the world soon!

  • Daniel B.
    03/06/2019 19:55

    They will never agree to do so. Everyone needs to simply cut back on their own usage and disposal to make a major impact. Everyone! Ya, you too.

  • Saxo D.
    03/06/2019 20:09

    IwAR37A7VzCsYFZos_EYeMvlUmF8yEulSZnBIVofOFTi4bsV6pPZyIuS_qCo4 I hope you were honestly unaware of WWF's whereabouts, mentioning it like that.

  • Saxo D.
    03/06/2019 20:12

    https://www.buzzfeed.com/tomwarren/wwf-charity-regulator-serious-incident?utm_source=dynamic&utm_campaign=bfsharefacebook&ref=mobile_share&fbclid=IwAR3_2Uhu9AWeFwuf8UMuCdnjSX2OMUFIFXbyLbRd1QeJuG-jjuh-wX7QAbU I hope you were honestly unaware of WWF's whereabouts, promoting them like that.

  • Leo L.
    03/06/2019 21:23

    ✅✅✅😬🦍v😬💪 🌍

  • Tom S.
    03/06/2019 22:20

    The biggest truth that no one talks about... 46% of the plastic in the ocean is from fisheries. So stop eating fish to save the fish!

  • Johny Ž.
    03/07/2019 02:10

    There is no hope for humanity, and the earth will ultimately take care of its self.

  • Stephany M.
    03/07/2019 02:46

    So sad.

  • Jeroným V.
    03/07/2019 10:12

    Sounds good, doesn't work

  • Angela M.
    03/07/2019 20:50

    Unverständlich, warum die Politik nicht reagiert! Warum landet alles im Meer? Man kann es nicht glauben. In den Supermärkten immer mehr Plastik... Es ist eine Katastrophe. Wie dumm ist der Mensch?

  • معتز ف.
    03/08/2019 20:45

    اجمل صوره من الدول المتحضرهههه

  • Shockley T.
    03/09/2019 00:40

    when people stop using it then they will stop making it

  • Tony S.
    03/09/2019 17:00

    Ban fossil fuels and use it as our no1 replacement source of energy until it has run out. We will show our ingenuity and scavenge every last drinking straw if it was worth money

  • Muhammad A.
    03/10/2019 17:22

    good documentary.

  • Rameesa J.
    03/12/2019 07:32


  • Mian Z.
    03/12/2019 09:12

    T l

  • Mian Z.
    03/12/2019 09:14

    T l

  • Цэрэннамжилмаа Б.
    03/12/2019 15:03

    Oo my god sorry sea animals😔🙏

  • حسين ش.
    03/12/2019 18:26

    الدولة الصناعية أكبر