27-year-old French man completes a solo trek to the South Pole with no assistance or replenishments

This 27-year-old French completed a 1,150 km solo trek to the South Pole with no assistance or replenishments, making him the youngest explorer ever to accomplish this feat. Meet Matthieu Tordeur.

02/04/2019 11:05 AM


  • Jonathan V.
    02/26/2019 06:41

    Au top du top 💪🏼

  • Jack S.
    02/16/2019 05:35

    Imagine the crap stains on his underwear

  • Jack S.
    02/16/2019 05:35

    Yuck changed underwear once grosss

  • James F.
    02/13/2019 09:02

    Wait, where are all the "flat earthers"? Shouldn't some of them be here saying "there is no south pole". hahaha

  • Martine K.
    02/12/2019 03:43

    Well done !

  • Elaine A.
    02/12/2019 03:41

    Amazing accomplishment!

  • Dangal C.
    02/11/2019 00:39

    Most appropiate- So What?

  • Joe M.
    02/10/2019 18:52

    next adventure aye?

  • Alok D.
    02/08/2019 12:53

    you can do it

  • Koonjakkaran D.
    02/05/2019 16:34

    Great achievement

  • Jonash A.
    02/05/2019 00:06

    when he reach the north pole, he will be a bipolar 😁

  • Marc J.
    02/04/2019 22:37

    Damn him for introducing his carbon to the area😛

  • Tomaš R.
    02/04/2019 18:19

    👍🏻 a Croatian dude did it also,world sailing is also intense,proves that all humans where nomads once apon a time,human body is one mean machine,not just for hedonism and komfort,alot of ppl actually feel something missing,it's that! ✊🏻 🤘🏻

  • Stubborn-Vandimwe K.
    02/04/2019 16:45

    i am hearing solo trek how about the camera crew??!

  • Gary T.
    02/04/2019 11:57

    How do explorers like these deal with their waste? In a responsible way I hope.

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