“That’s what scares me.” Canadian MP condemns Nazi and Confederate symbols at antivax rally

“In some people’s eyes I am not equal nor should I be free.” After confederate flags and swastikas were seen at an antivax rally outside the Canadian parliament, MP Greg Fergus gave this powerful speech ...

02/04/2022 5:57 PM


  • Todd M.
    02/09/2022 14:47

    I totally agree with you Black History Month should be represented and all those rednecks should be dealt with always a problem when is Black History

  • Esther T.
    02/07/2022 07:40

    These teeny tiny minority of swastika, confederate flag holders are being used AGAINST THE REAL ISSUE.....1000'S AND 1000'S of Canadian flags and people standing for freedom. In a protest here in New Zealand...3 people were holding Trump!!! Flags.. .Guess who got all the media attention.? Yip! It is an obvious tactic to keep the narrative on their side and using the media and puppet polititans to demonise he freedom fighters.

  • John R.
    02/05/2022 17:47

    The swastikas represent what the people feel the government is doing to its people … The confederate flag was a prop placed in the crowd on purpose .. the crowd stopped it right away and pushed the person out !!! Wake up people !!! Are you that naive !!!!!

  • Wendy H.
    02/05/2022 10:13

    Brilliant speech.

  • Wendy H.
    02/05/2022 10:10

    There are swastikas flying at the rally, I cannot post them on this site as there is no facility to do so. However, if anyone is in any doubt, then Google the subject and on Google Images there are swastikas flying alongside the Canadian flag - how disgusting. Do those people really know what a swastika represents or are they just totally ignorant?

  • Carol H.
    02/04/2022 22:51

    Quit playing the race card with your hateful rhetoric. Typical Trudeau puppet.

  • Nana C.
    02/04/2022 20:32

    It is NOT an anti-vax protest. It is anti-mandate. US citizens cannot the discern the difference. Yes, the same pic of the one and only confederate flag was viewed over and over and over again.

  • Jimmy M.
    02/04/2022 18:54

    wow a LIEBERAL nice to hear from you bwahahahahaha

  • Ed D.
    02/04/2022 18:24

    Sad to see white supremacists rising in Canada. Maybe there, they can be called terrorists.

  • Jimmy M.
    02/04/2022 18:18

    did he ask their leader the PM why he had that black face and he though it was funny to do it on the first place, not once twice but thrice????? No doubt about the intention because again not once, twice but thrice - yes and even had a stone face to tell the truckers as RACIST - what a guy this PM really is!!

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