21 Savage's ICE detention causes controversy

Rapper 21 Savage's ICE detention shocked the hip-hop world — and put more eyes on ICE's controversial treatment of other immigrants.

02/18/2019 8:19 PM


  • Brent A.
    03/19/2019 19:59

    Criminals confused as to why they're being treated like criminals lol. Dont break the law real simple.

  • Richard C.
    03/01/2019 02:43

    Criminals go to jail.

  • B L.
    03/01/2019 00:12

    What happens when stupid people make idiots famous

  • Karen D.
    02/28/2019 22:06

    Eyes cocked like a pistol (Bernie Mac voice)

  • Carlos M.
    02/28/2019 21:24

    No one is illegal on stolen land. It’s funny to see all this Nazis think they are the real Americans, by supporting hitlers make a nazi country right again

  • Carol C.
    02/28/2019 20:25


  • Evelin M.
    02/28/2019 17:23


  • Joe K.
    02/28/2019 16:03

    Its not a country club

  • Sarah R.
    02/28/2019 16:00

    Kevin Walker

  • Christopher H.
    02/28/2019 15:33

    U are CRIMINALs ,U BROKE THE LAW TO COME HERE,,ALMOST any other borders ur shoot 💀for crossing ILLEGALLY..... WHY would u THINK u get the same care as some1 who's a legal citizen or came legally, BUILD THAT WALL

  • Jason M.
    02/28/2019 13:50

    If you're illegal then get legal. Plus his music is garbage so lock him out keep him out . If you're illegal this isnt home guy.

  • Sandy H.
    02/28/2019 13:21

    Don’t put yourself in that position break the Law in your Country the what then do you get three meals a day nice bed heat or air condition weight room library ! Hello not treated fair

  • Michael T.
    02/28/2019 05:18

    That is definitely not 21 😂😂😂

  • Nang C.
    02/28/2019 03:12

    what? 21? Lol

  • Agustin L.
    02/27/2019 22:29

    You guys in here saying they came here illegally so that’s what happens no that is not what happens to people and it shouldn’t be happening I understand them being deported but for them to be getting pepper sprayed and showers with hot water and made to sleep on the floor with plastic seems really inhuman to do to someone what if that was happening to your family or your kids how would you feel then how would you feel if you as parents found out that 2,000 or more kids went missing and they can’t find them or that some kids are supposedly being sexually abused and mistreated how would you feel this isn’t okay no matter what you guys say yeah it’s the law for them to be detained but for this type of punishment I think not and I saw a comment that said they detain people when they go over to Mexico no they don’t because for one there is in fact white people that live in Mexico and have probably over stayed there welcome and don’t have Mexican citizenship and they own land so for you guys to be saying you wanna kick us out when there is 1000 and 1000 of migrant workers that are parents some of them even have there kids out there that stand out in the scorching sun to pick your fruit and vegetables and plants so you guys can eat is such a horrible thing there are kids that develop scoliosis or even get burnt so bad from working out there in any condition yet you come on here and bash them why? Like honestly why do that ? Why talk about a group of people so poorly when they do the jobs half of you wouldn’t even dare do because you aren’t used to it who risk their lives to feed your family’s and make sure that your fruits and vegetables and other field products are picked just right and carefully

  • Jeffrey K.
    02/27/2019 21:53

    Illegal immigration? Hell, he looks like an illegal alien from another planet.

  • Ang C.
    02/27/2019 17:27

    they just entertaining the lower poverty people y’all dumb .

  • Santos G.
    02/27/2019 15:39

    1950s all over again .....release the dogs

  • Yung K.
    02/27/2019 13:54

    Minority’s built America! White people killed and stole it💯

  • Annie P.
    02/27/2019 13:24

    Don't sneak into a country illegally if you don't want to be treated like you broke the law.

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