Amanda Stuck is Running For People Like Her

At 19, she became a single mother while going to college — and working two jobs. Now, Amanda Stuck is seeking election in Wisconsin to unseat a GOP Congressman and fight for working families like her own.

Appleton Democrat wants to provide veterans benefits to Hmong and Laotian refugees that helped with the U.S. war effort in Vietnam.

State Rep. Amanda Stuck never thought she would run for office. After 3 terms in the Wisconsin State Assembly she’s running to represent Wisconsin's 8th Congressional district. The federal government's role became crystal clear to her when she struggled to make ends meet. While the world focuses on the 2020 presidential race, hundreds are running in down ballot races.

“My parents were young and poor when they had me, were not involved in politics at all whatsoever. When I was 10, I saw Bill Clinton speak, though. A family friend took me to see him speak when he was first running, and he came to Wisconsin. And at 10, I started writing at school about how I wanted to be Bill Clinton when I grew up, because I was so impressed with how people would sit there in this miserable, wet ray, or this farm field to see Bill Clinton because they thought that he could make their life better. And so, that's when I fell in love with politics. I always thought I'd be more like a staffer, policy person, never thought I would actually be the one to run,” the politician tells Brut.

Stuck and her husband are raising four children in Appleton. The Green Bay Press Gazette reports she recently joined other Democrats in speaking out against the state’s deal with Foxconn Technology Group to build a new display panel plant in southeastern Wisconsin. Rep. Amanda Stuck is working on a bill to make Wisconsin the first state in the country to offer them. She says the veterans fought in battles, collected intelligence, and rescued downed pilots. The state veterans’ benefits would include education credits, and certain burial rites. Stuck isn’t sure how many would be eligible for the benefits in Wisconsin.


10/26/2019 2:01 PM


  • William P.
    12/01/2019 03:12

    She's just trying to scam the Obama Pinko Union voters

  • Erich H.
    11/25/2019 05:26

    The worst thing to ever happen to agriculture in the US was getting the federal government involved in it.

  • Chris C.
    11/25/2019 02:22

    So you're saying government beurocrats should confiscate our money, and redistribute it as they see fir?

  • Ron H.
    11/24/2019 23:28

    Would never vote for a democrap!

  • Ronald R.
    11/24/2019 18:52

    I'd rather drink a gallon of anti freeze and gouge my eyes out with a plastic spoon than vote for a democrat. 2020 will see a lot of them to the unemployment line.

  • Jerrod L.
    11/24/2019 15:03

    "Became a single mom when she was 19" as if it were an accident that happened with no willing participation on her part. She starts off bragging about making poor life decisions then whines about how she had to work two jobs to make up for it. Doesn't sound like someone best suited to run millions of people's lives. May be a fine woman, nice to be around, etc... but not a good decision maker. Bye bye. Vote with your mind, not your heart. Sob stories are not a good basis for good government.

  • Greg C.
    11/23/2019 17:05

    She just lost if her reason for running was bill Clinton. Lmao

  • Shandra S.
    11/23/2019 01:58

    I am a single mother who would definitely not vote for her. I worked hard to put myself through college after my husband died, and I do t like that the system of government dependence expects people like me to stay on their payroll so that I will vote for Democrats. I am a working person who is proud to not rely on taxpayers to support me.

  • Wayne G.
    11/23/2019 01:42

    Amanda Stuck another Democrat looking out for her own interests.

  • Mark V.
    11/22/2019 21:56

    Liberal, Never Trumper frustration: Clearly Trump haters have been frustrated for a long time but sadly they can only win on misleading, distortion and outright lies from the media. How is this You ask? Dems and our media has been a trial looking for a crime ever since the very minute Trump was elected. Years of crooked acts, which i spoke of years ago and are now surfacing, our media misleading people and telling those who hate Trump what they want to hear and are eager to accept but the key problem is as it always has been. As much as so many hate Trump (which I will argue are mostly media and dem driven distortions for political gain)......want Trump out of office at any cost and sadly, for many, by any means, after millions of hours of wasted time and billions of dollars wasted when you associate all costs to the 3 year witch hunt, there is nothing more than Trump may have used poor judgement and may have committed acts, which some can justify when weighed against the good he has done, makes him less attractive as a candidate for 2020 than other options. I strongly disagree but THAT is how AMERICANS decide their leaders. Not by wrongfully removing a President because they dont like him. Dems can win one way and they have been working this with all their resources from day 1 of the Trump Presidency. They must use their network of banded government officials, a crooked liberal media, our schools pushing a liberal message to kids, networks like ABC, Comedy Central, TNT, NBC, Hollywood movies, celebrity athletes and of course networks like CNN, MSNBC to push a hollow message that Trump is a bad president who must go which flies directly in the face of how by numbers and wins he keeps serving up to the American people, he keeps proving to be one of, if not the best presidents in American History. Prove it Mark (Liberals are no longer debating me Ok. Why is it liberals are so afraid for anyone to speak from the right at Universities? Everyone likes to have discussions and even win points and debates especially when they care so much so why do liberals refuse to let the right speak at their college? Because they have an empty and hollow message, weak on truth and loaded with propaganda....WHICH they get everywhere they look from liberal sources anxious to feed them more of the drug they desperately need since hating Trump is now who they are. So enter opposition who has facts and truth which EASILY debunk the garbage they hear over and over from liberal sources above and they get destroyed. This same thing happens all over America, not just in college. Family get togethers, public events, streets etc. The left feels anxious, agitated and gets even more angry. The one way dems and never trumpers win in all this is if they and all their liberal sources can convince the public dems are right and Trump supporters are wrong so Republicans have to cave to remain in office JUST like liberals just wrongfllly bullied Chick-fi-a into doing. They were not wrong but the liberal mob takes down everything in their path like a crazed cult hell bent on having a purpose in life.. Shiff was the best dems could put in because he is willing to cheat, lie (seven pinochios) and accomplished a lot more than an honest man would have but still didnt prove anything illegal or impeachable in his Shiff Show. The problem is there is not a quid pro quo and while one or two of his "witnesses" say there was, the rest admitted what legal scholars around America know, it is not there and the most Dems can prove is bad judgement. Also troubling is even if Dems proved their claims there, Trump motives can be debated. Dems went forward on this when Palozi was too lazy to even read the phone call and right after listening to Shiffs MADE UP version, said, OMG and went to the mike to announce they are going forward, only to find out, that was not the real conversation. Palozi had to eventually though because Support for radical dems like AOC and Omar who tell liberals what they want to believe (like they can impeach Trump) would end up taking her place as speaker. All dem leaders are stuck because of the mob like and ignorant frenzy the left is in due to epicly horrible jading of truth from media and these suckers accepting it Its like believing Santa Clause is going to bring you a leader who gives YOU all you want politically. Problem is NOBODY can have EVERYTHING the want....not you, not me....Nobody. This is why the right refers to them as "snowflakes". They are willing to believe in a selfish dream which is all about them and screw the rest. We have to pick who can make all of our lives beer and realize we can all win but NONE of us can have it all when it comes to politics. We are different and have different wants. President Trump was the best option in 2016 over all for the good he brings to most people vs the bad and he clearly looks like he will be again. Like it or not, Republicans are bringing the guy who brings the best for the most while Dems are bringing propaganda which on reliance, leaves you looking stupid and angry whenever you try defending it. It also handicaps Dem President candidates when they all have to raise their hands saying the agree with completely idiotic plans like Free everything to all illegal immigrants and open borders WHICH WE as a people have NEVER believed in. They are stuck saying they agree because like in most radical liberal BS anymore, THEY HAVE TO. See the problem? See how liberals are like a radical cult now? We all must and not let them win. Let them sort it out and come back to what the Dem party once was. I hope we all win in 2020. I believe that includes Trump. Definately not the mess the Dem party has let itself become.

  • David S.
    11/22/2019 01:31

    Lol, what a joke.

  • Andrew C.
    11/21/2019 17:04

    ya sorry your heart be in the right place but your policies and ideas of how the government should work go in contrast to the very ideals of how our country was founded...self government was our foundation and you are clearly wanting less small government and more big government, so thanks but no thanks

  • Donald N.
    11/21/2019 16:21

    Why didn't you have a condom or use birth control, then you wouldn't of struggled as much

  • Richard F.
    11/21/2019 13:29


  • Amber J.
    11/20/2019 11:07

    Never vote for anyone who supports "welfare for all."

  • Teddy M.
    11/17/2019 12:46

    So many unqualified people running for office in this country. What will she when she comes up against hard decisions and facts cry and be another victim. Don't fall for a communist indoctrinated young fool democrat.

  • James F.
    11/16/2019 03:35

    you suck, give it up.

  • Mike D.
    11/16/2019 03:32

    She sounds like she wants the working mans money and doesn’t have a clue about a dairy operation of any size

  • Anthony E.
    11/15/2019 21:47

    One of the issues she nailed on the head was the farmers. Dairy farms are failing or barely breaking even while the big dairies make profits like crazy. And the tariffs on China that Trump signed off on, I can see a lot of farms (for example, soybean farms that rely heavily on China for exports) that are already failing or will soon

  • Meredith P.
    11/15/2019 04:16

    I’m a single mom working 7 days a week just to survive without any help from the government and right now money is being taken from me by force of government to give to women like her so she can get an education, run for office and continue to take money from me and mine so she can say she’s helping people. What she really is, is a thief with no regard for the families she’s stealing from

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