Amanda Stuck is Running For People Like Her

At 19, she became a single mother while going to college — and working two jobs. Now, Amanda Stuck is seeking election in Wisconsin to unseat a GOP Congressman and fight for working families like her own.

Appleton Democrat wants to provide veterans benefits to Hmong and Laotian refugees that helped with the U.S. war effort in Vietnam.

State Rep. Amanda Stuck never thought she would run for office. After 3 terms in the Wisconsin State Assembly she’s running to represent Wisconsin's 8th Congressional district. The federal government's role became crystal clear to her when she struggled to make ends meet. While the world focuses on the 2020 presidential race, hundreds are running in down ballot races.

“My parents were young and poor when they had me, were not involved in politics at all whatsoever. When I was 10, I saw Bill Clinton speak, though. A family friend took me to see him speak when he was first running, and he came to Wisconsin. And at 10, I started writing at school about how I wanted to be Bill Clinton when I grew up, because I was so impressed with how people would sit there in this miserable, wet ray, or this farm field to see Bill Clinton because they thought that he could make their life better. And so, that's when I fell in love with politics. I always thought I'd be more like a staffer, policy person, never thought I would actually be the one to run,” the politician tells Brut.

Stuck and her husband are raising four children in Appleton. The Green Bay Press Gazette reports she recently joined other Democrats in speaking out against the state’s deal with Foxconn Technology Group to build a new display panel plant in southeastern Wisconsin. Rep. Amanda Stuck is working on a bill to make Wisconsin the first state in the country to offer them. She says the veterans fought in battles, collected intelligence, and rescued downed pilots. The state veterans’ benefits would include education credits, and certain burial rites. Stuck isn’t sure how many would be eligible for the benefits in Wisconsin.


October 26, 2019 2:01 PM