Battle Over Untraceable 3D-Printed Guns

The battle over untraceable 3D-printed guns is only just beginning — but they're already available to the public.

08/01/2018 11:01 PM
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  • Shawn P.
    08/01/2018 23:18

    Man that guy don't know what he's talking about

  • Michelle J.
    08/01/2018 23:22

    Time to build a wall between Canada and the Us .America is crazy!

  • Korey C.
    08/01/2018 23:31

    hahah Bye Bye Bill Nelson. Your ass is getting voted OUT of Florida come November. Then we dont have to hear your dumb ass talk aout things you know NOTHING aout. lol

  • Gustavo G.
    08/01/2018 23:38

    Cant wait until i get to print me a golden scar 🤗

  • Jim M.
    08/01/2018 23:39

    The genie is out of the bottle. The United States will be forever defined by apathy toward the highest gun violence in the developed world, thanks to Republicans and the NRA.

  • Becca L.
    08/01/2018 23:51

    Is that shit strong enough to even work? It's plastic. The fire of one round would melt all of the inner workings, if it can even fire at all.

  • Victoria E.
    08/02/2018 00:06

    Last I heard about this topic, the cost effectiveness of building 3D-printed guns was insane and unsustainable, def not worth the investment. Did 3D printing materials and machines cheapen up all of a sudden?

  • Miakel R.
    08/02/2018 00:08

    Sorry but this is not ringing any Bells at all ,and so what if people can't afford a 3D printer you want to bet the people that do they built these Guns by the number and sell them on the street corner like candy.

  • Aris O.
    08/02/2018 00:15

    Get your tickets to the gun show

  • David T.
    08/02/2018 00:36

  • Ali M.
    08/02/2018 00:55

    Just ban bullets 😂😂 This is some watch_dogs 2 shit

  • Robin M.
    08/02/2018 01:25

    This was much theater. Over hype.

  • Virginia K.
    08/02/2018 02:06

    So where will the bullets come from ?

  • Vivek G.
    08/02/2018 02:06

    Instead of bringing new laws...U.S should ban weapons for civil use!

  • Joshua M.
    08/02/2018 02:10

    I like how a select noticed that the optics on those weapons are backwards XD

  • Isaiah H.
    08/02/2018 02:28

    So someone wants to build an AR out of plastic using a printing machine? LMAO.. please do.. Darwinism at it's finest. Theirs a reason they are made with quality metals and tested.

  • Goreo B.
    08/02/2018 02:33

    More school shooting! America is a dangerous place to live rightnow, thanks to Trump and NRA good job murica!!! and oh 3D dildos are coming! Let the party begin!

  • Rolando A.
    08/02/2018 03:20

    Thank god

  • Jennifer B.
    08/02/2018 03:47

    Let 'em blow each other to smithereens if that's what they want.

  • Georgia H.
    08/02/2018 04:27

    God help us all. If Mother Nature doesn't do us all in, humankind will gladly do the job.