Bill Cosby accusers share their experience

"His behavior was like that of a predator." Bill Cosby was released from prison after his sexual assault conviction was overturned. These were the powerful testimonies from his accusers.

07/01/2021 3:50 PMupdated: 07/01/2021 3:52 PM


  • Archie L.
    07/20/2021 15:33

    Quit lying hoeđŸ‘đŸ•”đŸżâ€â™‚ïžđŸ˜đŸ€ŁđŸ˜‚

  • Paul C.
    07/06/2021 23:38

    Anything for that dough!

  • Robert T.
    07/06/2021 22:57

    Crocodile tears they're all liars

  • Ada M.
    07/06/2021 15:34

    For all the beautiful women that Bill Cosby has worked with none of them said he assaulted them and these random women coming out is saying that he drugged and assaulted them makes no sense cuz if you were drugs you wouldn't remember everything in Vivid detail

  • Ally B.
    07/05/2021 19:29


  • Meredith C.
    07/05/2021 15:39

    And he got off and is out of jail. Disgusting.

  • Scutta J.
    07/05/2021 11:29

    She is Lying

  • Anthony E.
    07/05/2021 05:03

    Well i guess they didn't like there cosby pop

  • Selby M.
    07/04/2021 19:33

    It will end in tears

  • Liteboho L.
    07/04/2021 19:25

    So targeted white women,mostly?

  • James M.
    07/04/2021 11:52


  • Jewel A.
    07/04/2021 07:17

    That is not accusing that telling the truth

  • Abu C.
    07/04/2021 03:30

    Fake news

  • Heather O.
    07/04/2021 00:34

    He's a predator. Point blank.

  • Joanne D.
    07/03/2021 20:37

    Cosby must have bribed multiple people, both judges and government. It’s a corrupt joke.

  • Kellyanne S.
    07/03/2021 12:23

    I'm a bit confused as to why these women are reading from a prewritten script. It's like they are reading a paragraph out of a adult novel. If any of it was true you wouldn't need to read from a bit of paper, that would be a memory never forgotten. It all seems far too dramatic and rehearsed to me. And the amount of women who "came forward" seems like a number far too great to go unnoticed and out of all those women NOT ONE of them went to the police after it happened, i find that very hard to believe.

  • Kongowea V.
    07/03/2021 04:12

    Cosby is a free man because be wasn't guilty most likely he didn't commit those crimes. No one ever wait for 40 years to report. It's a way in which people defame a successful person and throw dirt.

  • Anthony M.
    07/03/2021 01:37

    Free R. KELLY !!!

  • Tony C.
    07/03/2021 00:51

    All these women said he assaulted them but they kept going back to him

  • John M.
    07/02/2021 23:57

    Cosby, the Sexual Predator, needs to be castrated, one way or another.....