Bill Cosby accusers share their experience

"His behavior was like that of a predator." Bill Cosby was released from prison after his sexual assault conviction was overturned. These were the powerful testimonies from his accusers.

07/01/2021 3:50 PMupdated: 07/01/2021 3:52 PM


  • Kelly B.
    2 days

    12 year statue of limitations There to protect the predator That's justice?

  • David O.
    3 days

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  • Taj S.
    5 days

    what's the reason behind it

  • Taj S.
    5 days

    it's strange to hear how a man does this

  • Giovanni U.
    6 days

    To be a black man and have money, they fear it

  • Lv N.
    6 days


  • Kafui F.
    10/17/2021 01:10


  • Alana E.
    10/16/2021 22:42

    you deserve where you are 😁

  • Angela A.
    10/16/2021 21:22

    Please stop it....Why now and not when the other Accuser came forward?

  • Jeffrey M.
    10/16/2021 16:49

    No one really knows what happend . this man is a tv legend and they just want there time to shine

  • Cecily J.
    10/16/2021 13:15

    If something so traumatic happened to me I wouldn’t have to read it off of a card đŸ‘ŽđŸœ

  • Pam M.
    10/16/2021 08:59

    Leave the man alone the you trying to get money 😳

  • Debbie S.
    10/16/2021 07:56

    Why you didn’t come forward when he was on trial. Why didn’t you say something when the others did. Sorry not sure I believe this story

  • Mary g.
    10/16/2021 05:59

    Very sad to hear this 💔💔

  • Ngatia S.
    10/16/2021 05:41

    When you are rich and real straight

  • Taffy Z.
    10/16/2021 04:15

    So this guy is a monster right?🙁

  • Callum M.
    10/16/2021 03:39

    Give the man a break for christ sake let him be omg how much can one man take !

  • Callum M.
    10/16/2021 03:38

    I dnt believe a word of this is true

  • Louise P.
    10/16/2021 02:04

    You would have been better off taking this to your grave

  • Emma J.
    10/16/2021 01:48

    Bill was a bumper lolllll

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