Cambodia: 10 dogs freed from a slaughterhouse

These 10 dogs were destined to be slaughtered for their meat. But in late October, a FOUR PAWS International rescue team freed them from the slaughterhouse where they were locked up. In Cambodia, millions of dogs share the fate each year, according to the NGO.

11/15/2019 11:48 AM


  • Linda C.
    10/02/2020 21:07

    Então? Malditos continua esta net dá em pleno sec 21??? F puta

  • Mimi V.
    09/15/2020 14:30


  • Didier V.
    05/21/2020 04:25


  • Leslie R.
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  • Crystal P.
    01/14/2020 05:21

    couldn't watch it all so sad

  • Andre A.
    01/13/2020 19:16

    differerent state, different meat... same exploitation of animals

  • Cuckoo B.
    01/13/2020 18:24

    Tq..Brut ...💥

  • Jessie F.
    01/13/2020 14:20

    I looked it up this is one definition of it............: grow, cultivate raise cotton.

  • Tanel L.
    01/13/2020 05:33

    awwwwwww so cute.. btw.. 3 billion animals are killed EVERY DAY. please consider trying, omg maybe even going, vegan, this year. every animal feels pain and it's so easy to avoid causing pain to animals. you know, it might sound absurd, but, by not killing and eating them. <3 you all

  • Peggy P.
    01/13/2020 02:41

    Different cultures...different values...different life...Im glad I live in canada and not somewhere else

  • Santiago M.
    01/13/2020 02:17

    Dogs are good pets and also good protein and tasty food

  • Teri L.
    01/13/2020 01:42


  • Jessie F.
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  • Toni B.
    01/12/2020 20:49

    Its wrong to kill and eat dogs but not wrong to kill and eat pigs and sheep and cattle? At least those dogs can stand up in a cage. unlike industrial farmed animals here. Sows with piglets are in a crate so small they are forced to lay on their side for practically their whole lives. Does it seriously matter what animal it is being killed for food? Livestock animals can be as a good a pet and can bond just as deeply as a dog or cat. Instead of looking at the species, look at how its RAISED AND KILLED! If your going to raise an animal for food then give it a good decent life,freedom, good food, RESPECT and put it down as humainly as possible.

  • Lisette K.
    01/12/2020 20:05

    Katherine Polak ♥️

  • Jaclyn W.
    12/06/2019 15:42

    Good job

  • Tracey C.
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  • Rafael M.
    12/01/2019 02:43

    Wag sana ganyanin yong mag aso parang tao rin ya

  • Moses M.
    11/30/2019 20:24

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 come and see

  • Aasha P.
    11/30/2019 17:15

    Feel....very pain