David Graeber: Essential vs. bullsh** jobs

"There really seems to be this idea that people who are putting their lives on the line for the sake of all of us, shouldn't be compensated with money because they're not doing it for money."

04/28/2020 10:59 PM


  • Loretta C.
    04/30/2020 02:33

    People go to work because they need money to survive. During these times people who are taking the biggest risks should be getting compensated workers deserve more money and more physical assistance and not to be overloaded!! As far as my job, im not asking for higher per hour pay, but really do think that with the increase of folks ordering from home for delivery it would be nice to get paid for the hours actually worked instead of "estimated time it should take" that doesnt include time or distance to go up driveways and deliver to door and doesnt take into account the package you get paid for working until 3:17 when you are actually working until 5 or 6 or later. When your company makes more by taking advantage of you it kind of sucks! That works out to actual weeks in the year of work you arent compensated for. And if you go over a certain number of hours that you arent going to be compensated for, their solution is they want you to take time off without pay to keep those uncompensated hours down! Trying to screw you coming and going!

  • Lucita L.
    04/29/2020 01:44

    “Silly and just cut it out! You got it, man!

  • Kenneth B.
    04/28/2020 23:56

    Real value is what keeps us alive. So gold doesn't matter one bit in the big picture. You cannot eat it. Use it in your gas tank.

  • Guido P.
    04/28/2020 23:23


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