DRC: six rangers killed at protected national park

They were protecting a gorilla sanctuary. Six rangers from the Virunga National Park, the oldest national park in Africa, were killed by armed groups in an ambush. Meanwhile, in the Democratic Republic of Congo...

01/13/2021 5:07 PM


  • Valentina W.
    01/15/2021 03:04

    These are the things worth fighting for innocent people and lives preserve the beautiful land 💪🏾✊🙏🏿💫 condolences to the men who stand for justice and protected the habitat blessings to your family I pray the efforts made to protect and preserve will overcome and vengeance to the savages responsible !!!

  • Valentina W.
    01/15/2021 03:01

    Those people ambushing the rangers and killing the gorillas are going to hell!!!😡

  • Gord K.
    01/15/2021 00:10


  • Imran M.
    01/14/2021 21:46

    So sad, killed for doing their jobs. Shameless, to the other rangers keep steadfast be strong, continue the fight. 💪💪💪

  • Amelia O.
    01/14/2021 17:34

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  • Anna M.
    01/14/2021 13:20

    Sad 😓💔

  • Yasser O.
    01/14/2021 09:10

    The results for the evil doing by colonial Europe. No justice no peace, condolences to the families.

  • Jean W.
    01/14/2021 08:21

    Theyneed reinforcements and better equipment. The whole area should be under satellite control just like the Amazonian forest should be.

  • G R.
    01/14/2021 05:39

    Real heroes. I hope that their families will be provided for and that some courageous people like them will continue to protect gorillas.

  • Bonnie D.
    01/14/2021 00:11


  • Antonio A.
    01/13/2021 19:35

    Condolence to the families of the heroes die in a good job.🙏🙏🙏

  • Maia D.
    01/13/2021 18:02

    The people that kill innocent and brave men who protect National Parks and the wildlife that roam in these National Parks ... are disgusting and money is more important to them. The people that profit from the despicable trade of wildlife animals-disgusting.

  • Maia D.
    01/13/2021 17:59

  • Aliya T.
    01/13/2021 17:41


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