Expert Explains That Video Games Don't Cause Violence

Despite what you may have heard from President Trump, video games don't incite violent behavior. Brut spoke to an expert about how politicians and pundits turned them into the "bogeyman." 🎮

Considering the Effects of Violent Video Games on Violent Crime

Economist Michael R. Ward has been studying the connection between video games and violent crime for years. Ward’s 2011 study found that when a popular but violent video game is released, violent crime actually goes down. “We must stop the glorification of violence in our society. This includes the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace. We must stop or substantially reduce this, and it has to begin immediately.”

Video games are an increasingly popular leisure activity. As many of best-selling games contain hyper-realistic violence, many researchers and policymakers have concluded that violent games cause violent behaviors. Evidence on a causal effect of violent games on violence is usually based on laboratory experiments finding violent games increase aggression. Before drawing policy conclusions about the effect of violent games on actual behavior, these experimental studies should be subjected to tests of external validity. The study uses a quasi-experimental methodology to identify the short and medium run effects of violent game sales on violent crime using time variation in retail unit sales data of the top 50 selling video games and violent criminal offenses from the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) for each week of 2005 to 2008. We instrument for game sales with game characteristics, game quality and time on the market, and estimate that, while a one percent increase in violent games is associated with up to a 0.03% decrease in violent crime, non-violent games appear to have no effect on crime rates as stated by Michael Ward in the scholarly journal “Abstract”.

The link between violent video game exposure and aggressive behavior is one of the most studied and best established. Since the earlier meta-analyses, this link continues to be a reliable finding and shows good multi-method consistency across various representations of both violent video game exposure and aggressive behavior. In the wake of mass shootings, video games are often blamed and threatened with legislation.


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  • Alan G.
    08/07/2019 10:35

    Surely it's not the guns that kill people 😂😂😂

  • Abraham Y.
    08/07/2019 11:34

    Dayton shooter has killed his own sister and it's a clear evidence that he's not a white supremacist. Democrats are now exposed. All the recent shootings show there's no racism but machoism, just to show muscle power. They're all inspired by modern action movies like Avengers, You Were Never Really Here, Death Wish etc., Violent TV shows and bloodyvideo games also inspire them.. Democrats are not intelligent enough to understand how action movies brainwash present day youngsters and muscular men. This is the difference between Islamic terrorists who are religious fanatics and macho Europeans who want adventure and bloody violence. They get motivation from action movie actors suchas Maisie Williams, Tom Hardy, and Donald Glover ,Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan.

  • David D.
    08/07/2019 11:39

    Hitler and Staline were hardcore videogame players as well! That explain it all 😄

  • Joyce A.
    08/07/2019 12:58

    Same scam different President.

  • Drake H.
    08/07/2019 13:17

    what a sham

  • Brut
    08/07/2019 13:20

    Gun laws vary drastically from state to state. See which ones make it easier — or harder — to buy a gun.

  • Patricia D.
    08/07/2019 14:00

    You are so jealous of president Obama you can't stand yourself

  • Mel O.
    08/07/2019 14:09

    Both democrats and mostly republiCANTS are searching for some type of excuse to evade resolving the problem. The main and real problem remains to be nra. This terror cell has the congress in it's pocket and as long as the congress accepts donations from this terror cell, nothing will be done. Furthermore, this president;'s base is committed to violence. And they need guns to push forward their agenda. trump 's supporters are nothing but what Clinton called them. This president is a liar, a cheat, a fraud, a tax evader and a traitor. Even Moscow Mitch does not trust him.

  • Moses L.
    08/07/2019 14:12

    May not cause , but certainly desensitize one to violence.

  • Cary L.
    08/07/2019 15:13

    That has been talked about for years, even music. But since Trump said it now people think he's the only one that has ever said it.

  • David M.
    08/07/2019 16:01

    Causa violencia en mentes perturbadas... En las normales ira frustración pena alegría emoción... Risas carcajadas... Ratones en el antebrazo peñizcazos... Etc etc

  • Marco C.
    08/07/2019 17:21

    I been playing videos games since i was like 5 and never thought of shooting a school or a Wal-Mart, stop blaming video games

  • Lynn W.
    08/07/2019 18:22


  • George V.
    08/07/2019 18:25

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  • Diane H.
    08/07/2019 23:02

    I hate the sound of his voice and his little butt hole mouth.

  • Lydell G.
    08/07/2019 23:31

    Dude you can't compare pong to today's video games. It's like comparing a skateboard to a Porsche. Modern video game are much more violent and realistic. There needs to be more research though

  • Josie C.
    08/08/2019 01:30


  • Martha C.
    08/08/2019 01:36

    Lock him up

  • Karen F.
    08/08/2019 02:05

    A liar snorting through a speech someone handed him...this would be funny if there wasn't so much tragedy.

  • Amanda L.
    08/08/2019 05:18

    Tetris made me do it 😂