Hong Kong: 53 pro-democracy activists arrested

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, the region is losing its autonomy under Chinese authority as police carried out mass arrests targeting 53 pro-democracy activists...

01/09/2021 6:58 PM


  • Dennis M.
    3 days

    This is what trump made possible.

  • Daniel S.
    6 days

    You have a Communists government it has always been the plan. Since UK handed over Hong Kong.

  • Toney F.
    6 days


  • Marselus C.
    7 days

    Enough stirring up trouble with other nation would you?

  • Ethan V.
    7 days

    Back in the day, U.S was cracking down on Communist and locked up all Japanese during the war.

  • Daniel J.
    7 days

    It is a lost fight Im afraid. Move to Taiwan or buy some territory in Africa or similar and move the entire population and rebuild Hong Kong plan B. I saw the 1998 firework i Hong Kong in Victoria Habour. The communist celebration of the 1997 take over. A sad day. Hong Kong was back then like the 8th Wonder of the World. Lived in Mong Kok back then. It was a safe city even at night for ud foreigners... Sweet people. Would love to come back one day. English democratic tradition and chinese communist tradition doesnt go well together. Plan A should be Hong Kong announcing its independence and hope for the best.

  • Yasser O.
    7 days

    Now it is like impossible for the US to do anything about it cause they are just cowards, they only face the weak and the sick, but like China they will turn heads away. And I mean the US government not the people. The USA people are good law abiding hard working citizens, with an evil venomous government

  • Nival B.
    7 days

    yet Hong Kong was complicit when china was grabbing territories from their neighbors... what comes around, goes around i guess... just saying...

  • Eddz K.
    7 days

    What's the difference between US and China right now, cos currently the US is doing what China would do to opposition

  • Barbara G.
    7 days

    This is why with all of our problems we are so lucky to live in the United States of America where we have freedom

  • Frank H.
    7 days

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  • Jackxon X.
    7 days

    China doesn't want change at all. 2021, is time.

  • Caroline B.
    7 days

    Every human being has the right to freedoms.. no regime government or handful of bully’s have that right over someone else EVER !!!

  • Miguel A.
    7 days

    Well this is similar to Trump's America, not to say that manipulating elections and so on, what is the difference is that China is a dictatorship similar to Cuba. But just like saying the PRC does not represents the Chinese people, both Hong Kongers and the rest, well time will tell that the people will prevail. So Power to the people and yet this COVID19 thing is for the Chinese government is to screw people over, that's it. Even Jack Ma has escape from the Chinese regime to screw people over that is all.

  • Kostik Y.
    7 days

    you probably will never see free Hong Kong

  • Tee E.
    7 days

    U all should be sentence to death

  • Severin A.
    7 days

    “Pro-democracy” backed by the CIA and fascists

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