How contact tracing works

Contact tracing helped successfully control Ebola and SARS — now states are hiring thousands of contact tracers for Covid-19.

05/06/2020 12:29 PM


  • Tsegaye G.
    05/06/2020 23:07

    Let us join to help the health workers .i think the only way of mechanisms till we get vaccine

  • Rickie C.
    05/06/2020 20:30

    This is no different when someone goes to the health department with a disease they are tested and tracing begins

  • Rickie C.
    05/06/2020 20:26

    This is called testing and tracing

  • Leticia C.
    05/06/2020 18:55

    yous guys are trying to hire spies are you f****** kidding me you just killing these people that I have Cobra 19 or the flu you're killing them and hospitals in the hospitals making money by you killing them