How to properly wear a face mask

Wearing a face mask in public is now mandatory in California, and many cities around the country. Here's how to do it properly.

06/19/2020 6:00 PM


  • Penny C.
    4 days

    Who cares we don't need them.

  • Nick M.
    4 days

    The correct thing to do with the mask is don't wear one.

  • Laurie N.
    4 days

    I see one problem with his instructions. He says after you take the mask off go wash your hands and come back to eat. That means you are walking to and from the restroom without a mask. We are supposed to keep mask on when we leave our table.

  • Mary R.
    5 days

    You are a doctor there I made for y’all but not for As to where they are unhealthy for us very unhealthy healthy do you have to wear them and you are a doctor you should know that

  • Kathleen C.
    7 days

    Keep wearing a mask, and you will have no immune system left to fight anything. Do you realize that the numbers have been so pumped up because all the deaths from the flu were combined with COVID-19 statistics? Finally now the tracers are being allowed to separate the flu from COVID-19 stats. Wash your hands, keep distancing, but live your life, for heaven’s sake. The government will never want to give up their control over you. They will perpetuate these restrictions indefinitely.

  • Carmel O.
    02/24/2021 21:49

    Sick of looking at dr muppets like him they always forget to mention mask can bacterial pneumonia and also hypoxia

  • Sylvia G.
    02/24/2021 14:50

    These masks are great BUT not environment friendly as they are single use only. Think how many get thrown away each day !!! Better to buy a washable one.

  • Johnny M.
    02/24/2021 09:27

    Good luck with that Doc, as long as I'm wearing it jus go in & out the store I should b G

  • Tovio L.
    02/22/2021 22:48

    What happen to your eyes and ears Dont they need protection as well??

  • Maria L.
    02/20/2021 07:39

    Its not natural to cover the two only parts you can breath trough😵

  • Edith T.
    02/17/2021 04:45

    Now tell us how to stop fogging up our glasses

  • Stenberg J.
    02/16/2021 23:29

    Put om a mask 101... how stupid are People???

  • Saira P.
    02/08/2021 03:29

    🤦🏾‍♀️Once you've eaten u discard the mask and put on a fresh one!

  • Judy J.
    01/31/2021 05:34

    Most. People. I. See. Dr. Have. There. Noses. Out. Of. The. Face. Masks.

  • Yoma P.
    01/29/2021 11:25

    Thanks Dr.Bill..

  • Denise B.
    01/28/2021 00:52

    Change mask after you eat!! Never use same one

  • Mick H.
    01/26/2021 05:18

    You roll it up with your hands and throw it in the bin .

  • Kerry B.
    01/22/2021 03:35

    How stupid are people that they need to see this video. It all goes without saying😬🤔

  • Jennifer J.
    01/22/2021 01:24

    Wow!! Never would of figured this out!! Thanks man!!!!

  • Kathy B.
    01/22/2021 00:28

    How sad we have to have a video on how to wear a mask? And we wonder how trump supports got brainwashed!

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