• Jonny L.
    9 hours

    They forgot number 9, always carry a can of Bat Shark Repellant.

  • Sophia C.
    11 hours

    In case we ever encounter a shark. Hopefully not.

  • Tony F.
    12 hours

    des requin pour toi

  • Tyler V.
    13 hours

    I doubt I ever encounter a shark in its natural environment ...

  • Valencia C.
    17 hours

    The number 1 method of not encountering a shark is not to go in the ocean.

  • Sarah S.
    19 hours

    , for Grace.

  • Παντελης Θ.
    a day

    Ive done mui thai kickboxing will this help ? However we are also taught and stand our ground and the attacker in the eye showing no fear. I wonder if animal psychological predatory instincts are similar to humans ?

  • Felicia A.
    a day

    Totally Agree with what she said.

  • Theresa F.
    a day

    Yeah you people need should be aware of your surroundings. And remember the ocean is the shark's home you are an intruder in their home. I'm tired of poachers or people going in to kill the shark because it bit someone if a shark came into your home you would probably shoot it wouldn't you because it's an intruder just saying

  • Reut S.
    a day

    התגובות 😂

  • Cesar C.
    a day

    Yeah look into it's eyes... come on.

  • Jo E.
    a day


  • Delia D.
    a day


  • Anouk C.
    2 days

    et j'arrive pas à tagger Hortense :)

  • Jon M.
    2 days

    Her huge balls well protect her from the shark.

  • Mitch H.
    2 days

    sharks are allgood lol

  • Lenka G.
    2 days

    deze tips ga j nodig hebben

  • Jammie W.
    2 days

    , , , and

  • Vicky O.
    2 days

    Good advice and all that🤔 but I aint going to be swimming in a water filled with sharks that can either bite or eat me😒😵. Na no way🙅

  • Wendy L.
    3 days

    I would never be in this position. Because I dont do Oceans. 🤷‍♀️

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