Hundreds of monkeys killed by people in Brazil

In Brazil, misinformation about the yellow fever virus has led people to poison and beat to death hundreds of monkeys.

02/05/2018 4:50 PM


  • Janet B.
    10/28/2020 06:22

    Ikilling these..t's entertainment for the stupid illiterate idiots

  • Arif H.
    02/28/2018 06:56

    Kalo di Indonesia banyak isu hoax tentang penculik pencuri organ dan pki... buat manusia saling membunuh manusia

  • Manuel A.
    02/14/2018 04:40

    Q dijo.what

  • Asad A.
    02/12/2018 22:31

    Your choice of music isnt good though!!!

  • Christien D.
    02/12/2018 21:17


  • Riel K.
    02/12/2018 17:57

    I’m pretty sure that’s how Ebloa works lol if u eat bats or monkeys or I could’ve heard lies

  • Reza Y.
    02/12/2018 17:27

    They kill each in the streets with no remorse , they won’t give a shit about some monkeys.

  • Robby S.
    02/12/2018 17:26

    This honestly had to be the most stupidest thing I’ve read today. I’m trying to keep an open mind but there’s no way around this, these people are really that stupid, to think Monkeys are the reason? Like you jackass people don’t you think you’ll catch the disease if you flat out kill it with your hands or whiff the air after the kill, I’m saying this in the case of those people who thought it was transmitted by them. Hopefully no more Monkeys are being killed, what idiotic people these are who mass murdered these innocent creatures.

  • Harry S.
    02/12/2018 17:09

    They kill because they fear monkeys transmit the virus, well what about people transmiting Humanity is cruel in its nature it seems

  • George S.
    02/12/2018 17:05

    poor little monkeys ☹️

  • Ali B.
    02/12/2018 17:02


  • Rose S.
    02/12/2018 16:45

    That’s a shame !

  • Scharf A.
    02/12/2018 14:27

    I think primates that get in too close to people get too comfortable, unpredictabe and even dangerous. It's probably better for these primates to get the message and move out of town because it not good for them or the people they depend on for scraps. In conclusion if people are able to catch and kill them, that's way to close for comfort.

  • Gopakumar C.
    02/12/2018 12:25

    Would have been better if they tried mosquitos instead of monkeys

  • Richard M.
    02/12/2018 11:43


  • Chad M.
    02/12/2018 11:04

    I didn't even think yellow fever was present in the americas.... When did this happen?? 🤔

  • Ališan A.
    02/12/2018 10:58

    Those Backward Fckwits need to be caught and Flogged in public for their crimes despicable scum how would they feel if one of their own was killed all Cos some other Imbecilic Fckwit thought that person is spreading a deadly disease...

  • Jarrod C.
    02/12/2018 07:35

    This is sad.

  • Ad V.
    02/12/2018 06:45

    Human stupidity kills nature! Sad—-

  • Quinn M.
    02/12/2018 05:36

    I hate peopleeeeeeee

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