Hurricane Ida brings flash floods to New York

These devastating flash floods driven by the remnants of Hurricane Ida brought New York to a standstill.

09/02/2021 2:05 PMupdated: 09/02/2021 2:07 PM


  • Derm D.
    3 days

    NYC Ain't it

  • Aye S.
    4 days


  • Benjamin R.
    5 days

    Born and raised in Bronx the subway system hasn't changed since.

  • Eric W.
    7 days

    Thats what happens when you tear out every inch of grass and trees for buildings water can't be absorbed by asphalt we don't have that problem where I live but we also have front yards as well

  • Quinice B.
    01/12/2022 23:39

    They sure don’t seem like they care to much sheeesh 😂

  • Shawn W.
    01/11/2022 20:34

    Atlantis sunk too I wonder if they got the warning and moved out

  • David D.
    01/11/2022 17:28

    So, can us Texans says it's New York's fault now? It was our fault when we froze, right?

  • MurphyMann T.
    01/11/2022 14:57

    A cheap way to clean the streets

  • Dave G.
    01/09/2022 00:51

    it has NOTHING to do with climate change!!! please stop saying that. SMH

  • Raul G.
    01/05/2022 13:47

    It’s called earth was never suppose to have so concrete or roads and buildings

  • Eric R.
    01/05/2022 10:37

    I liked the one dude that was on a floaty smoking and floating down the street

  • Wade H.
    01/04/2022 00:55

    Even with all that rain and all that washing away it’s still the most dirtiest nastiest place

  • Courtney C.
    01/04/2022 00:27

    The guy on the float is literally all the kids in my neighborhood during a good hurricane season down here

  • Charlie W.
    01/03/2022 23:48

    NYC is an island 1 day it will all b underwater

  • Ruth V.
    01/03/2022 20:26


  • Marcus W.
    01/03/2022 08:08

    Climate change 😂 even Iowa gets after effects of bad hurricanes trust me I’m from Iowa 😂

  • Tina D.
    01/02/2022 16:38

    Look like the movie day after tomorrow

  • Tracy J.
    01/02/2022 03:58

    Oy vey. No, that's not climate change. That's building a major city on a swamp. That's building a major city on artificial land.

  • Stephen B.
    12/31/2021 01:29

    It’s called a hurricane not climate change

  • Darcy H.
    12/30/2021 23:46

    It's New York. I think most of America gets a crooked smile when we see that liberal, vax passport state getting a clean bath. Quit dirtying it up you dang dems.

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