Hurricane Ida brings flash floods to New York

These devastating flash floods driven by the remnants of Hurricane Ida brought New York to a standstill.

09/02/2021 2:05 PMupdated: 09/02/2021 2:07 PM


  • Betty R.
    13 hours

    Omg climate change? It's what a hurricane does, moron.

  • Travis W.
    18 hours

    Its only New York, at least the rats finally got that swimming pool they've always wanted.

  • Christine B.
    20 hours

    This reminded me that movie

  • Andrea W.
    20 hours

    some call it cloud seeding think about that the next time you see line in the sky đŸ€”

  • Andrea W.
    20 hours

    this is what chemtrails does

  • Edward P.
    21 hours

    So now the north knows a little of wat the south feels on the reg.

  • Tony G.
    21 hours

    You should have seen the storms 100,00 years ago if you think this rain storm is bad, and when in history has the climate not changed, money will not change it, you will not change it we will not change it only God or mother nature can.

  • Randy J.
    a day

    ROFLMAO she said this is what climate change looks like?... LMAO no that's what a bunch of water looks like LMAO

  • Dan F.
    a day

    Here in the Houston area we are used to these storms and flooding every year

  • Carne M.
    a day

    Bugatti a useless in such weather, expensive but useless haha

  • Curtis F.
    a day

    This isn't climate change, this is either God is pissed or mother nature

  • Doug M.
    a day

    Go to the border you get better help

  • Richard W.
    a day

    That is what a Florida afternoon thunderstorm looks like

  • Christopher D.
    a day

    Nyc is only 33 feet above sea level and built on the coast line ...what do they expect?

  • Quincy F.
    3 days

    Welcome to hurricane season. With love from Louisiana. Sorry for y’all, we know what y’all are dealing with!

  • Matt C.
    3 days

    Looks like "The day after tomorrow"

  • Rudolph R.
    6 days

    Playing in flood water is a great way to get fatally sick

  • Hannah H.
    6 days

    read that caption

  • Joe T.
    09/20/2021 01:07

    This is earth.... not climate change....

  • Calefa M.
    09/20/2021 00:03

    This the one that went right pass you