• Dönskie A.
    10/09/2021 13:51

    JUST eliminate those who bite humans... only.

  • Ashley A.
    10/03/2021 01:34

    I still hate them lol But I still agree. Just like the situation with wolves at the national park. Except take away predator and the prey takes over the vegetation.

  • Charmen B.
    09/17/2021 11:30

    We are all one, we are all connected

  • Antonio M.
    09/08/2021 06:32

    Imagine humanity destroying itself

  • Elizabeth K.
    09/07/2021 15:17


  • Primate B.
    09/06/2021 17:00

    Wipe them out

  • Michael T.
    09/06/2021 14:42

    3500 species, so why can’t we just eliminate Aedes aegypti?

  • Gail G.
    09/06/2021 13:17

    Human hubris never ends well.

  • Ming W.
    09/06/2021 12:50

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  • Pat N.
    09/05/2021 16:00

    Fuck the environment nigga. Kill all them bitch ass mosquitoes

  • Carlos D.
    09/05/2021 15:31

    Who cares get rid of them

  • Keith P.
    09/04/2021 19:06

    Birds eating mosquitoes would be like humans eating rice, one grain at a time. Not much food value. Also mosquitoes don't have a stinger so it is called a bite, not. sting.

  • Jessica S.
    09/04/2021 06:55

    Meanwhile in China: https://www.scmp.com/news/china/science/article/3019028/chinese-scientists-new-technique-wipe-out-mosquito-populations

  • Dave D.
    09/04/2021 04:53


  • Geeta N.
    09/04/2021 04:14

    Yes ! Mosquitoes do provide an important food source for large number of passerine birds and amphibians and aquatic animals may be if we stop using pesticides these birds and animals will survive and the ecosystems will benefit

  • Antonio L.
    09/04/2021 00:38

    we are all depend on each other.that is the meaning of life

  • Anupam S.
    09/03/2021 17:20

    I LIKE

  • Vasilija M.
    09/03/2021 14:53

    И ти ми го кажуваше ова

  • Bruno M.
    09/03/2021 14:32

    "Something better or worse would replace them..." and thats the thought we should retain.

  • Eugene J.
    09/03/2021 14:27

    Let's get on with it

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