Interview Peter Wohlleben on the inner life of animals

Are goldfish able to feel love? Can horses feel shame? Author Peter Wohlleben delved into the inner life of animals. Turns out they are much closer to us than we would have thought.

11/11/2018 11:01 AMupdated: 03/11/2019 1:56 PM


  • Brut India
    05/04/2020 07:32

    Wohlleben's book, The Hidden Life of Trees, describes how trees have personalities and communicate ​via a ​below-ground ​‘woodwide web’:

  • Amit S.
    05/03/2020 11:04

    The Quran describes that animals form communities, just as humans do: “There is not an animal that lives on the earth, nor a being that flies on its wings, but they form communities like you. Nothing have we omitted from the Book, and they all shall be gathered to their Lord in the end”(Quran 6:38).

  • Marya D.
    11/12/2018 12:53

    Horses are incredibly intelligent/emotional. Our 10 year old horse hadn't been put into harness for years but she remembered everything. One day, a stallion bit me and she got between the stallion and me and warned him off. Now that I think, is more than love. That's family

  • Taipan S.
    11/12/2018 04:16


  • Yvonne D.
    11/12/2018 00:08

    When one of our very, very old goldfish died, the other refused to eat and was obviously missing it's companion. Worried that this one might die too, after a week it was put into a friend's tank with other fish and the transformation was incredible!

  • Tista M.
    11/11/2018 22:52

    mooi 😊

  • Jean B.
    11/11/2018 22:48

    It’s actually Peter Wohlleben...

  • Daniel S.
    11/11/2018 22:06

    We are animals. We can rationalize more, but we are still animals. Emotions are not part of rationalization, even though you can rationalize them. The more we understand animal behavior, the more we understand ourselves.

  • Rene C.
    11/11/2018 21:37

    And mankind shows fake emotions or hide emotions on purpose. Not any animal is that dishonest and immoral!

  • Donna C.
    11/11/2018 20:21

    Each and every living being on this planet are connected. I will never understand when people say humans are the most important species. We don't work in harmony with all other creatures. We don't live in harmony with nature. It's so very sad we don't see this is wrong

  • Michelle B.
    11/11/2018 18:32


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