• Ting S.
    07/11/2020 07:29


  • Emmanuel S.
    05/31/2020 08:47

    Let's get ready to Rumble

  • Brian M.
    05/29/2020 23:06

    War is coming

  • Pansit N.
    05/29/2020 14:25

    Remember when you were so happy that the British left you?

  • Peter H.
    05/29/2020 07:20

    I am sure the Blacks in USA would like all this support. Don't see any of Worlds Goverments making a big noise about Situation there. Hippocrates....

  • Nina L.
    05/28/2020 14:52

    It's very sad for the people of Hong Kong now in the hands of the vile communists of mainland China. It is strange that they more or less speak the same language but cannot agree. The young people in Hong Kong just want the westernised freedom to which they are entitled and accustomed. God help them.

  • Benny C.
    05/28/2020 14:01

    Hong Kongers, my advice to all of you. If you’re a great fighters, pls fight for your own country but TIL now,I can only see you’re bullying your own people,your own family and your own nation

  • Vikas S.
    05/27/2020 16:54

    China should be ashamed of himself

  • Nicky Z.
    05/27/2020 10:45

    CCP the devil incarnate

  • Abdulgani A.
    05/27/2020 10:00

    China control your island please.

  • Chilson C.
    05/27/2020 06:05


  • Marko Y.
    05/27/2020 05:35

    Nice social distancing

  • Andy L.
    05/27/2020 04:20


  • Travis V.
    05/26/2020 23:47

    Samuel Jones makes me so angry

  • Renfebron R.
    05/26/2020 23:00

    Why trust China they're mean to thier own kind of race that notion says it all in that kind of parliamentary proceedings with Hongkong public officials...same language they don't understand each other how ironic SMH

  • Alissa Z.
    05/26/2020 21:26

    Waking up!!! Learn to see both side of the story before pointing finger.

  • Alissa Z.
    05/26/2020 21:25

    If America goes on attacking others for oils? It’s call ... America free the world. And when China trying to put a law to restrict the radicals within its own country? Everyone calls it a dictator communist scum. Now, does anyone here is fighting for freedom or is actually blind by your ignorant ignorant to seek deeper truth in all this??

  • Jay R.
    05/26/2020 18:27

    Handover should have never happened. See now you fight this

  • Chris P.
    05/26/2020 18:01

    This is what's coming to America with the socialist Dems hey I'm ready to do whatever

  • Shephard C.
    05/26/2020 17:24

    Hope this won’t bring another virus

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