• Hootota K.
    01/31/2019 18:27

    God bless Puerto Rico

  • Najib K.
    01/29/2019 10:47


  • ValjetĂ« Z.
    01/28/2019 16:11

    why do they name all the hurricanes after some girls namessss ???

  • Irfana L.
    01/28/2019 14:47

    I agree farmers should be supported

  • Ismail B.
    01/26/2019 21:52


  • Tsering M.
    01/21/2019 09:20

    I feel sorry

  • Omar B.
    01/20/2019 14:41

    Be independent usa dont give a shit for You

  • Bertil H.
    01/19/2019 21:38

    Demand INDEPENDENCE and grow POT!!!!đŸ€Ł

  • ŰŁÙ†ÙˆŰ± Űł.
    01/17/2019 22:00

    ŰŽÙƒÙ„ÙˆŰ§ يŰČكي

  • Leconte C.
    01/16/2019 02:22

    Human greed money money, they need to get lessons and mother earth teach them..

  • Leconte C.
    01/16/2019 02:20

    This is the result of monoculture ! Ignam, or sweet potatoes would'nt be affected.. humain stupidity.

  • Bertil H.
    01/15/2019 18:14

    After INDEPENDENCE, these guys will again be the backbone of PuertoRican economy AND society, as the “jibaro” was for centuries prior to the military conquest and inept, racist colonial failure of the USA. The only reason to “ industrialize” an island with no natural resources other than its agricultural ones, going to the tremendous expense of building factories, importing raw materials, and exporting the finished product cup a foreign market is “tax benefits” ( welfare fir billionaires) and the ability to use the native population as virtual slaves, where for the first time in history, they have to RENT homes and BUY food from their “employers” ( overseers), a new feudal system, instead of IWNING their farms and PRODUCING their food, is some kind of imperialist con game. Puerto Rico needs INDEPENDENCE, not statehood with those who nearly destroyed them. The paper money you offer is just that, paper, with no intrinsic value at all. The rich soil and abundant sunlight and fresh water are FOOD, LIFE, and SELF-SUFFICIENCY! Let’s cut Puerto Rico loose from the sinking wreck of nasty Trumpland, before that beautiful island and its LOYAL citizens get dragged down tied to the wreck!

  • George D.
    01/13/2019 22:54

    The Democrats are sunbathing on your beaches ask them to help. Oh wait. They're useless, nevermind.

  • Ludy V.
    01/13/2019 18:43


  • Radia B.
    01/13/2019 08:20

    Sorry for that

  • Craig B.
    01/12/2019 20:22

    No offence but how is this any different for a contractor and a builder goes bankrupt and doesn't pay. Is the a crisis fund for that

  • Tom A.
    01/11/2019 01:10

    You build a wall

  • Finca L.
    01/09/2019 12:42

    Our plantains and fruit are growing back, but coffee plants take 3-5 years before coffee harvest. All small farms in PR are struggling.

  • Laurie F.
    01/08/2019 14:08


  • Aayush G.
    01/08/2019 08:22

    US busy building a damn wall

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