• Smo K.
    08/08/2021 18:07

    Ah yes the ancestors of the people that drove this and many other species to near extinction acting all high and mighty like they're not part of the fuckin problem.

  • Mitchell W.
    08/08/2021 15:41

    Quit bitching about it and do something about it fight for them for they can’t fight this battle alone

  • Mitchell W.
    08/08/2021 01:27

    Dam rite that’s my brother

  • Coral L.
    08/07/2021 15:16


  • Shirley W.
    08/06/2021 17:46


  • Lecil M.
    08/05/2021 19:53

    Save Animal Diversity

  • Erin H.
    08/05/2021 14:42


  • Gopal B.
    08/04/2021 09:34

    Save the endangered species

  • Scott M.
    08/04/2021 03:43

    I dont see the algonquin red wolf (canada)mentioned..

  • Ryan Y.
    08/04/2021 02:37

    y'all are scam artists let me start a foundation and take everybody's money all the bleeding hearts y'all are some frauds you don't have red wolves and your manipulating bloodlines right now you might as well call them AKC dogs U UKC dogs whatever you want to call him you're the one manipulating the breed it's not a red wolf and you have it in captivity I promise you you didn't go through the Sam Houston national Forest and collect every coyote wolf offspring in there and you're going to tell me you have the only 14 red wolves in America or North America I damn sure didn't see you in my backyard fraudulent people everywhere in this world just trying to get rich off of ignorant people

  • Cassandra F.
    08/04/2021 02:33

    I hope someone catches them. 2 places had a maul on a dog the other a cow. They killed 10 cougars just 4 that

  • Cassandra F.
    08/04/2021 02:31

    They keep killing wolves, coyotes, bear, n cougar in Okanogan County Washington state

  • Ryan Y.
    08/04/2021 01:10

    money scam all day long

  • Ryan Y.
    08/04/2021 01:09

    so out of all the red wolves in the world y'all have the only 14 not true

  • Ryan Y.
    08/04/2021 01:09

    you're not breeding purebred red wolves you're breeding coyotes with a percentage of red wolf blood in them and your manipulating them these are not Red bulls but cross wolf coyote how can you act like you have the only 14 red wolves in the world BS

  • Kojo P.
    08/03/2021 15:31

    Awesome Legend 🌈🔥🔥 Lyk back

  • Virginia L.
    08/02/2021 14:26

    Inbreeding....isn't that a problem??

  • Sãçhø V.
    08/02/2021 12:06


  • Marissa D.
    08/02/2021 00:44

    Not all hero wear cape❤

  • Joanne R.
    08/01/2021 20:48

    There are Red Wolves in the Tampa Lowry Park Zoo! https://zootampa.org/four-extremely-rare-red-wolf-pups-born-at-zootampa-at-lowry-park/

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