Scalise remains anti-gun law reform

Rep Steve Scalise left the hospital today after a near-fatal shooting in June 2017. He headed straight to vote on funding the house. But will his experience change how he votes on gun laws?

01/23/2018 1:03 AM


  • Charles K.
    02/17/2018 04:49

    What this guy is talking about is taking the law and doing it his way!!!Talking about selling unregistered guns to his kids or a friend

  • Charles K.
    02/17/2018 04:44

    Because he is a big/if not the biggest part problem,the devil himself!!!It's his attempt to put even the whites that not apart of his program in line with the plan coming of destruction,we are talking about those white who also want to live-in peace ;but what Trump don't know is that God has a much bigger plan and victory is sure.

  • Alan K.
    02/17/2018 00:42

    Owned by nra

  • Mike K.
    02/16/2018 22:47

    Why don't you try and ban alcohol? It kills way more people then guns in the United States.

  • Tim H.
    02/16/2018 06:26

    Jesus man you got shot and your still defending your NRA gun Masters! Can you say enslaved much!

  • Jeffrey T.
    01/29/2018 14:20

    Another fucking demon

  • Michael L.
    01/28/2018 23:03

    He is a jack ass just dumb ass

  • Estelle D.
    01/28/2018 22:55

    Two less people in the world we dont need.

  • Chhitij M.
    01/28/2018 17:07


  • Anthony K.
    01/27/2018 14:15

    He wasn't hurt as bad as reported!

  • James P.
    01/27/2018 04:56

    Nope, the only thing that might change his mind is if he is killed the next time. Or, he could be voted out of office. Whatsay, Louisiana?

  • Charles C.
    01/27/2018 00:38

    If it were me in his position I would hope that people wouldn’t use my tragedy as an excuse to deprive people of there liberty

  • Petrona O.
    01/26/2018 23:47


  • Luis D.
    01/26/2018 23:33

    Maybe he’ll be shot again, he doesn’t seem to mind

  • Estelle D.
    01/26/2018 15:48

    Wait till that citizen face you with a gun. They already shot you once. You should feel different about people and gun. Sometimes you have to be a victim.

  • Jeff K.
    01/26/2018 11:13

    11 school shooting in the first 23 days of the year so far in the good old USA

  • Wilbor W.
    01/25/2018 01:34

    I. Wish. You. Ware. Dead punk. Ass. Bitch.

  • Jason T.
    01/25/2018 00:08

    Trump is far too busy infringing on the peoples basic rights to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Unless your a rich person

  • Random G.
    01/24/2018 22:18

    Hope not. Anti gun people need to stop trying to take away peoples' second amendment rights already. It's already been proven that they don't care about keeping people safe and just want to take away freedom from everyone. Leland Yee has already proven that they don't care about keeping people safe nor do they care about keeping guns away from criminals and mentally unstable people.

  • Anthony H.
    01/24/2018 21:01


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