Sex ed for the disabled community

They have sex like everyone else — but people with disabilities often lack dating and relationship resources. That's where this sex positive educator comes in.

09/30/2018 7:02 PM


  • Betsy F.
    10/08/2018 02:56

    who is the girl with short black hair or why does she look like someone we know 😂

  • Colleen P.
    10/04/2018 21:53

    at what point does congnitive/mental disablities get to where they could not consent at all? I'm told a 24 year old who mentaly and emotionaly functions as a 16 year old, should be treated as a 24 year old.

  • Eva S.
    10/03/2018 01:39

    Thanks so much Brut! For more info about Cripping up Sex with Eva visit

  • Adrian B.
    10/02/2018 22:32

    Not everybody has sex though. Or sexual attraction! Let's not erase the asexual community.

  • Vianey T.
    10/02/2018 21:22


  • كنوز ا.
    10/01/2018 01:20


  • Lynn M.
    09/30/2018 22:31


  • Joumana K.
    09/30/2018 20:46

    لانهم بشرويحتاجون للرعاية

  • Christopher J.
    09/30/2018 19:04

    you just gave the right a new meme. Thanks Brut