• Nicole H.
    05/23/2017 00:01

    I mean, i delt with the shit in hs in 98 to 02 soo yeah. Still going stong i guess.

  • Sidney D.
    05/23/2017 00:04

    Teach little girls to be modest and cover their bodies because it's their temple and shouldn't be shared with the world. Embrace modesty

  • Brandi R.
    05/23/2017 00:12

    Check this out!

  • Jessy P.
    05/23/2017 00:12

    Our clothes shouldn't affect our education. I'm not saying girls should show up in clothes that barely cover them , but things like the length of skirts , shoulders showing or visible bra straps etc should not matter. #MyEducationMatters

  • Ezma Y.
    05/23/2017 00:16

    this. Mariam Rana

  • Amanda S.
    05/23/2017 00:16

    Has anyone argued that being sent home for a skirt is distracting to a student's education?

  • Shay K.
    05/23/2017 00:26

    Crazy thing is me and a group of girls go together and proposed a new dress code for our school😁 We were highly successful, even after all the hate we got

  • Susan R.
    05/23/2017 00:40

    About time this happened

  • Breanna G.
    05/23/2017 00:42

    what do you think

  • Hannah O.
    05/23/2017 00:57

    And boys should be taught not to be (and excuse the language) perverted fucks but rather gentlemen

  • Peri D.
    05/23/2017 00:57

    The dress code isn't sexist it's preparing you for the work world where wearing a uniform may be required and / or following a dress code

  • Nicole M.
    05/23/2017 01:13

    Why they have uniforms. Stop worrying about your clothes if your education is more important. It's all a freaking popularity contest for the ones who care about what they wear.

  • Madeline H.
    05/23/2017 01:13

    I ADORE these girls for speaking out.

  • Mary W.
    05/23/2017 01:20

    This better happen. i protested this for soo fucking long got RPC'd, suspended, and in-house for this bullshit for so fucking long. Like about damn time

  • Hope M.
    05/23/2017 01:30

    Well, men's arms are a distraction too so if we have to cover our shoulders and shit, you best be covering yours too 😂😂 I understand some of the dress code, but some is ridiculous

  • Taylor L.
    05/23/2017 01:50

    My school allows piercings, colored hair , tank tops and shorts... Lol

  • Janna B.
    05/23/2017 01:52

    We had a dress code when I was I was in school and we all survived. Thank god I don't have a daughter because there's no way in hell she'd be walking out of the house the way I see some of these young girls dressed today. There's dress codes for boys too but you don't usually hear them complaining about it.....maybe because they don't want their asses, boobs and bellies hanging out??

  • Anilyn A.
    05/23/2017 01:54

    I've always wondered why dress codes applied to girls and never boys. When I went to summer camp in MS/HS girls were told not to wear swimsuits that showed off their stomach and either had to wear a one piece or t-shirt over their two piece. But boys were allowed to be shirtless at the camp... it never made sense to me.

  • Evan R.
    05/23/2017 01:56

    Im not a sex object!!! Now let me show my body!! Haha hey what ever as long as u dont look like a little hooker but thats what we see most the time

  • Jessica Z.
    05/23/2017 02:01

    Really it's only sexist if boys aren't held to as strict of a dress code. The code is to prepare you for becoming a successful part of the work force, not to shame your body. If you really have had someone tell you that it's "distracting", or if their are boys being allowed to wear inappropriate things, then please, by all means protest.