• Ainslea F.
    01/25/2018 01:48


  • Pat S.
    01/23/2018 01:36

    Think uniform Is the right thing huh?

  • Kathy H.
    01/22/2018 23:36

    Give them uniforms problem solved

  • Shannon G.
    01/22/2018 20:47

    I think this is getting a bit ridiculous. Some of the stuff I see these girls trying to wear, is way too much skin for their age (or any age for that matter!) Don’t get me wrong, I got in trouble for dress code in school too, but some of the things, I really shouldn’t have been wearing and my father agreed! What’s happened to having a little class and leaving something to the imagination?

  • Shana N.
    01/22/2018 05:11

    Focus on more important issues that women face. Dress codes are not sexist because they don't allow you to wear booty shorts and low shirts. Get over it.

  • Leslie R.
    01/21/2018 04:11

    What's wrong with dressing modest girls.. I'm 26 and still don't like showing cleavage.

  • Lizzie H.
    01/20/2018 20:13

    One day I wore shorts and a cropped long sleeve shirt. Everybody was dressed this way because it was hot out. I went into guidance office crying because I was severely depressed at the time, the first thing they say us "your outfit is inappropriate, cover up". BITCH IM CRYING MY EYES OUT AND THATS WHAT YOU FOCUS ON? The teachers don't care that we don't follow the dresscode, there's no harassment from boys, but when somebody is vulnerable or different looking, the teachers go after them.

  • Jay N.
    01/20/2018 19:05

    Sorry ladies. But no you shouldn't have short short on. No you shouldn't have a belly shirt on. No you shouldn't have a mini skirt. And now you shouldn't have a tank top on. When you grow up and become a professional. There's going to be a strict dress code for both men and women. This is preparing you for real life. School is not a fashion show. You're there for an education. This is the main reason why I believe most schools should have uniforms. I'm the head manager for my company. I've sent plenty of my employee's home. I don't take excuses, nor do I care what my employees feel it should be. However they learn very quickly, that if you're out of uniform you will be sent home.

  • Krissy J.
    01/20/2018 15:44

    Men shouldn’t be allowed to wear sweatpants.

  • LeeAnn M.
    01/19/2018 22:52

    Alot of u bored bitches sound bitter n dumb

  • Jacey C.
    01/19/2018 20:19

    That’s cool and all but let’s focus on the real problems in the world

  • Crystal C.
    01/19/2018 18:02

    All schools in the country should just require a uniform. Then no one can complain. Everyone needs to just stop entertaining this nonsense. The dress code was the same when I was in school, and no one had a problem following it. It’s school, not a club. Dress appropriately.

  • Jennifer C.
    01/19/2018 18:01

    Two sides to the story. Children should be taught to dress appropriately for the situation, AND we need to leave behind the religious based BS that women tempt men to sin. If a man is distracted it's HIS failure to act appropriately, not hers. Religions that teach otherwise should be banned.

  • Scarlet M.
    01/19/2018 16:57

    You're in grade school. You don't need to be wearing reveling clothing. For Christ sake.

  • Aliana Z.
    01/19/2018 05:18

    Shut the hell up are these girls really bitching about covering up?! I feel bad for men.. all women do is bitch

  • Moody J.
    01/18/2018 23:47

    I get it but I at the same time I don’t get itđŸ€”

  • Lisa F.
    01/18/2018 19:23

    Im all for kids wearing uniforms to school.

  • Ellen F.
    01/18/2018 14:19

    Men cannot control themselves.

  • Theresa R.
    01/18/2018 12:43

    I am 34 and when I was in high school they were changing our schools dress code to be more stricter, specifically on the girls clothing. We were outraged. We talked and spiked our minds. We did we change anything I have no clue, but something we did discover is this distraction is only in the mind and eyes of the teachers and directors. We asked the boys we went to school with, and sat next too, and becomes friends with over the years we were in classes together. We asked if our bare shoulders and knees kept them distracted while in class. They laughed and said “no”. Omg the boys said “no”, here we were girls being told our bodies were too much for the boys to handle. And yet here they were telling us they were fine. Maybe we should stop stereotyping our young men and treat them like they do have respect for the females and girls that are surrounding them in school and life.

  • Caslin R.
    01/18/2018 06:56

    Sheila Kruse seriously ridiculous.

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