• Joseph P.
    05/27/2019 15:37

    Then don’t dress like that if I wear booty shorts people are gonna look. Dumb a f to try to make it a sexist thing.

  • Sydney S.
    05/23/2018 20:27

    We have a field trip to zoombeezi bay tomorrow and the principal told the girls that we can’t wear a bathing suit that shows our stomachs which is really dumb. He said nothing revealing, it’s a bathing suit! Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Felicia R.
    04/14/2018 21:54

    Colleges don’t have dress codes. And those are filled with young adults with fully developed bodies. Don’t know why policing women’s bodies is such a big issue.

  • Aimee W.
    01/09/2018 21:04

    The dress codes aren't even enforced equally. I could get in trouble for shorts that were a millimeter shorter than my fingertips and other girls got away with wearing daisy dukes with rips that showed ass cheek.

  • Regina M.
    12/25/2017 05:22

    Shouldn't be allowed to dress like sluts though either little girls should be dumemure chaste not slutty

  • David L.
    12/18/2017 16:22

    These ladies want to make it seem they are standing for their self confidence, but they just want to come to school dressed like scantily clad adults. -No. We have dress codes for a reason. Showing cleavage and thongs in a building full of raging hormones IS most certainly a distraction. Dress with some dignity until you’re over 18, girls.

  • Juanita L.
    12/17/2017 17:41

    Out of the mouths of babes even the kids see something wrong

  • Michal M.
    12/15/2017 05:21

    They need uniforms. They will just concetre on test and study. No distraction. You would were same ever day as ever one else

  • Michal M.
    12/15/2017 05:19

    Just dress in thong and go topless. Most those are ugly any way.

  • Kate F.
    12/15/2017 01:08

    I remember in middle school it was either the 1st day of school or a few days after and apparently my shorts werent fingertip length. So they had to call my mom down and make me change. These dress codes are so fucking stupid it makes me livid. 😠

  • Jay R.
    12/14/2017 20:04

    You’ll send young girls home because of their shorts yet cheerleaders are allowed to practically show their backsides at football games? Double standards.

  • Anna W.
    12/14/2017 16:33


  • Joe R.
    12/14/2017 04:16

    Bet yet girls are wearing shorts that show there cheeks and tits hanging out taking half naked pictures for every one to see and the schools place these dress codes for guys too so cry me a river

  • Milla B.
    12/14/2017 02:03

    TBH, if students at the school want to oppose the dress code, its time to enforce uniforms. When you go out into the real world, your boss will also pull you into the office and tell you your tits are out, or your skirts are too short to be appropriate. A man with wrinkled clothes or forgetting a tie every day may be disciplined at work also. Men arent wearing hot pants and spaghetti strap tops to work or school. If the dress code is drastically different for boys vs girl then YES THIS IS SEXIST, for example if a boy can wear a tank top but not female, thats problematic. If both are asked to change, those are the breaks. 🤦‍♀️ if a boy w moobs had a low-cut top on i bet he would get sent home too.

  • Stratotes P.
    12/13/2017 02:52

    This is ridiculous those dress codes are for those young women's protection and you know it.

  • Katelyn V.
    12/11/2017 08:26

    I got three days detention once because my skirt had a hole in it even tho I was wearing leggings underneath it.... My dad came up there and raised hell. I didn’t have to serve a day.

  • Sarah A.
    12/10/2017 12:45

    Not gonna lie I don’t remember ever being shamed by my school for my dress code and I wore short shorts and tank tops and things that showed my collarbone mind you I was in the graduating class of 2010 so I don’t know how that much is changed in five years or seven years I don’t member a single girl being body shamed of my school

  • Jo E.
    12/09/2017 17:15


  • Brittney B.
    12/09/2017 13:27

    ummmm these girls are my heros!! Where were they when I was growing up?😩

  • Austin P.
    12/08/2017 22:23

    Cloths shouldn't be a priority should be education dress like a respectable human not this new age emotionally immature ego infested culture and there wouldn't be a problem. Chemical reaction is a real thing especially holds a factor in these ages of development when you can hardly control them and are emotionally immature. These kids aren't going to dress like the little hooker they see on TV ten years later and if they still are then there going no where in life.... so grow up go to school wear a fucking normal shirt care more about your work then your glittered microphone care more about morals then getting away with booty shorts and low cut shirts don't want it sexualized don't look sexually tempting goes for either sex chemical reaction will always be there can't have irrationalized conversation every time an immature human wants extra treatment for the sake of there emotional insecurity.