The Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

He was a mafia-connected labor union leader whose mysterious disappearance still captivates — and he's a key figure in Martin Scorsese's "The Irishman." This is the life of Jimmy Hoffa.

A prominent figure in various labor movements

On July 30, 1975 at 1:15PM Union Leader James Riddle Hoffa got in his 1974 Pontiac and left his home for a meeting with mafia members Anthony Giacalone and Anthony Provenzano. At 2 p.m. he arrived at the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Detroit. At 2:15 p.m. he placed a call to his wife complaining that the 2 men were no-shows. 15 minutes later he was seen talking to 3 unidentified men and entering their vehicle. He was never seen again.

Born in Indiana in 1913, Hoffa was a prominent figure in various labor movements from a young age. His father, a coalminer, died of lung cancer when he was 7. As a teenager, he helped his coworkers at a Kroger grocery store organize a labor strike to fight unfair wages. For 14 years he was the president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters — a labor union for truck drivers founded in 1903. Beginning in the 1930’s he helped grow the Teamsters into the largest labor union in the United States. At the time, trucking unions were heavily intertwined with organized crime, and Hoffa’s rise in the Teamsters went hand-in-hand with his mafia connections. In 1964 Robert F. Kennedy’s crackdown on the mob landed Hoffa in prison on a federal bribery charge.

He served 5 years of his 13-year sentence before having his sentence commuted by President Nixon. He attempted to regain control of the Teamsters but was met with resistance from union leadership — as well as mafia members, including Anthony Provenzano. Both of the men Hoffa was scheduled to meet have air-tight alibis. He was officially declared dead in 1982 — but his body was never found according to the FBI. For over 40 years the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa has remained a mystery.


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  • Lawrence C.
    7 hours

    He was cremated

  • Sharon M.
    8 hours

    Only problem is that it's not true. Even the FBI discounted Sheeran as a compulsive liar. Moscato's son confirms FBI suspicions that Tony Pro sent Sally Bags to do the hit and brought Hoffa back to NJ to be buried in a drum. Sally Bags was killed before the FBI could build a case against him.

  • Curt R.
    a day

    So now the Unions are ran by a different organized crime outfit called , the Democratic Party !

  • Ray A.
    a day

    Great Movie, so many unanswered Questions so many answererd!! DINERO,Pachino,Pesi, Scorcesse does it again!

  • Juan A.
    a day

    It they can get to the president of the united states they can get to the president of the union.....

  • Larry W.
    2 days

    Great movie Excellent cast very well I loved it

  • Joseph P.
    2 days

    Great UNION MAM We need to make UNIONS GREAT AGAIN This Generation Better start Fighting for there Future

  • Kevin S.
    3 days

    Will folks the Kennedy is involved now y’all have the answer to his disappearance

  • Daniel M.
    3 days

    More warehouse and dock workers are Teamsters than are truck drivers.

  • Gary D.
    3 days

    I think he started as a good man who got involved with obviously the wrong people!!

  • Steve S.
    3 days

    Wait, wait… his middle name was “Riddle?”

  • George T.
    4 days

    Concrete shoes

  • Bonnie R.
    4 days

    He's in the right corner stone of the Renaissance Center facing the Detroit River.

  • Rafael S.
    5 days

    Take a look to Irishman in Netflix. There is a good theory of what happened.

  • Gayle L.
    5 days

    I watched the entire movie Sunday night & learned somethings as the characters aged. It's worth the 3 hrs history lesson 🙂

  • Peter M.
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  • Chrissy T.
    6 days

    Great flick!

  • Yuri O.
    6 days

    I did not find this movie to be a good one I think that the MOB had Jimmy killed be couse they wanted to take money from the union

  • Uri G.
    6 days

    Hey that movie is on Netflix the name is the Irishman

  • Curtis D.
    6 days

    The restaurant was not in Detroit