• Mike P.
    06/11/2021 15:57

    With this philosophy maybe we should go back to living in caves. 0 carbon emissions.

  • Jasmine S.
    06/08/2021 04:18

    I have hade one for at least 10 years..... they LAST!

  • Robert B.
    06/06/2021 20:14

    Hemp is the way to go...

  • Phil T.
    06/06/2021 19:27

    Not exactly new news.

  • Eline L.
    08/12/2018 23:52

    ... Meh. Ook al niet goed dus.

  • Mukta B.
    08/12/2018 17:11


  • Mimoza S.
    08/11/2018 11:40

    Well roll your vegetables to home then

  • Karim D.
    08/08/2018 13:38

    Tous pr préservé la nature

  • Sascha W.
    08/06/2018 19:55

    Irgendwas ist ja immer....

  • Klez I.
    08/05/2018 14:18


  • Saba M.
    08/05/2018 13:07

    So people should not replace these bags much, just buy once and use them again and again.

  • Yolanda Y.
    08/05/2018 06:24

    To put into plastic...shops, change

  • Anna F.
    08/04/2018 23:08

    Some bags are made from recycle materials..

  • Amy L.
    08/04/2018 20:52

    That is why you make them from scrap fabric....old jeans work the best and last forever. Can't tell me that's worse on the environment than plastic

  • Nathan P.
    08/04/2018 15:01

    Cars are basically the worst thing that ever happened...but we're talking about bags?

  • Milan P.
    08/04/2018 13:54

    I knew about this, but what is the best solution for us to do..? Use plastic ones, use tote bags? Some other option? No way anyone is using a single bag over 7000 times!

  • Pat W.
    08/04/2018 13:48

    Some of the bags that I made 25 years ago are still in active use. So I say 'rubbish' to the above......

  • Jan D.
    08/04/2018 12:40

    I have a couple of bags that were made from the ends of Futon cover material. I've had them for at least 30 years now.

  • Ashish S.
    08/04/2018 07:57

    Reuse as many times as possible to offset the carbon footprint. Also, ask your vendor to clearly state the raw material. There are various options available like cotton, jute and even recycled cotton. - pls share the perspective with everyone!

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