The first 24 hours of the Russia-Ukraine conflict

February 24, 2022: Russia invades Ukraine. From Vladimir Putin’s declaration of war to Joe Biden’s reaction, here’s how the first 24 hours of the conflict unfolded.

02/25/2022 3:42 PM


  • Fayard R.
    03/02/2022 00:27

    So sad prayers 🙏 going up for all these innocent families

  • Balogun A.
    03/01/2022 16:13

    You're a terrorist!

  • Helena S.
    02/28/2022 21:44

    Nós estamos muito tristes pois mulheres e crianças perdendo suas casas pois os homens perdendo suas vidas .a guerra só destrói até quando isso?Estou triste de ver aquelas mulheres carregando crianças sem saber para onde fug

  • Maria Mike
    02/27/2022 15:12

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  • Michael M.
    02/26/2022 17:47

    24 February 2022, Russia / Ukraine conflict. The Skies Over Bagdad Have Been Illuminated, 16 January 1991; CNN’s Bernard Shaw + Peter Arnett, John Holliman, and producer Robert Wiener, were the first TV cable news journalists to cover a war in real time; Gulf War – Operation Desert Storm. Back then, CNN was the only global 24/7 news channel.

  • Kaufusi L.
    02/26/2022 17:30

    I wanna join in😡🤬

  • 정혜경
    02/26/2022 17:04

    stop the war

  • Baqer A.
    02/26/2022 14:50

    All the presidents gives a comments as the politics and I wonder where is the responsibility of the all presidents!!!???🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Adrian G.
    02/26/2022 11:33

    He can't and won't retreat now.. there is no chance that man is gonna stop now unless he's stopped. Its either WIN or LOSE for him no RETREAT he will keep going till he dies because that's just the man he is.

  • Edward J.
    02/26/2022 09:47

    Nie było wypowiedzenia wojny. Był zdradziecki atak.

  • Donna L.
    02/26/2022 06:35

    America contact your Congress and Senate Members CUT RUSSIA 🇷🇺 OFF BUY NOTHING from RUSSIA 🇷🇺 #BNDERSTAND CUT RUSSIA 🇷🇺 PUTIN OFF

  • Tanjinul I.
    02/26/2022 04:08

    We should feel the same for Syria, Somalia, Yemen as well...

  • Biswas S.
    02/26/2022 03:29


  • Lydia S.
    02/26/2022 02:55

    So very sad💞

  • Degentle U.
    02/26/2022 01:44

    Were you not born when EZRA'ILa invaded Palestine for decades, committing all manners of in despicables ?

  • Paea M.
    02/26/2022 01:21

    Pray,,god is waiting to all of you to turn to him and pray,than he can stop the war

  • Luis G.
    02/26/2022 00:56

    The United Nations is a joke. The fact that Russia and China are part of the UN says it all.

  • Bryce M.
    02/25/2022 23:50

    Godbless Ukraine 🇺🇦🙏

  • Huỳnh A.
    02/25/2022 23:31

    Tự người dân đoàn kết đứng lên bảo vệ quốc gia tổ quốc mình

  • Thelma B.
    02/25/2022 23:28

    Prayers sent 🙏

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