• Jon D.
    06/14/2021 16:35

    Jolie rose à levres💄

  • Sylvia J.
    06/13/2021 19:21

    Except that they charge the same as the alcoholic ones...strange that

  • Hakeem S.
    06/13/2021 08:19

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  • Sorab I.
    06/13/2021 07:29

    this is cool af for including sober friends/addict friends have a cup in their hand in a club/bar and not feel stigmatized or get peer pressured into drinking. if you see someone with a cup in their hand at a club/bar or whatever, it can allow addicts/sober people have fun without people constantly asking why their hands are empty.

  • Omar F.
    06/13/2021 01:36

    Alcohol is good for the brain if you're having problem with it that's cause you don't drink enough also it helped ugly people breed 😂 let's give it the credit it deserves

  • Doug W.
    06/12/2021 23:48

    yup still like virgin Pina couloddas

  • Christian G.
    06/12/2021 22:55

    Might as well just drink juice 😂

  • Julio V.
    06/12/2021 20:31

    Lame , just lame

  • Dénes S.
    06/12/2021 19:35

    Business will be booming with woke edgy liberal punters then because they can't handle alcohol as well as life 😭😭😭

  • Camile A.
    06/12/2021 17:59

    I would love this I don't drink it makes me feel so strange.

  • Sok T.
    06/12/2021 17:51

    , this would be awesome for us

  • Brut
    06/12/2021 00:16

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