This is an anti-rape device that bites back

This woman has created a terrifying anti-rape device: a female condom with razor-sharp teeth.

05/08/2021 4:57 PM


  • Debosmita B.
    a day


  • Orlando C.
    05/28/2021 09:03

    Lol I keep seeing the women talking about being in too much pain to do anything lol you ladies would be shocked by how easy it is for us to snap a neck the moment that pain hits don't assume that the pain will stop a man on reflex he may just snap her neck outta sheer shock it doesn't take nothing much for that to happen we grab or squeeze whatever we are holding at the time when the pain hits so guess what happens if that's a woman's neck ...

  • Orlando C.
    05/26/2021 18:28

    Yea give women weapons for cheating spouse 🤐

  • Neo N.
    05/26/2021 04:48

    adihh sakit kli 🤣🤣

  • Ronney T.
    05/23/2021 19:42

    It should just implant a tracking chip without the blades.Then track em down and cut his head off.

  • Eugene B.
    05/22/2021 20:22

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  • No D.
    05/22/2021 15:23

    That's really great.✨

  • Izz I.
    05/22/2021 02:01

    bole install🤣

  • Chandra S.
    05/21/2021 23:26


  • Jordan S.
    05/21/2021 17:14

    Just a question I have on this, it says it needs to be removed by a Dr. But in reality does it need to be? Couldn't it just be cut off after the perpetrator is soft? If it buys time for the woman to get away it did its job. But I think one of the big points behind this device is to get him in trouble by needing him to see a Dr and to be reported to the police. Thoughts?

  • Halay W.
    05/21/2021 15:46

    So you have to wear this all the time because you don't know when you going to be rape

  • Marion G.
    05/21/2021 01:32

    Lovely would buy one

  • Kay M.
    05/20/2021 21:22

    Good idea. I was thinking but how the hell could I wear this everyday? Could just wear it when I’m going to a party or club or traveling at night alone

  • Steven W.
    05/20/2021 17:54

    We already have women who make false rape allegations, this has a huge potential for abuse and misuse.

  • Meg A.
    05/20/2021 10:15

    2 possible outcome after it bites back.. the rapist may flee or will brutally attack the victim

  • Mitchell W.
    05/20/2021 00:55

    8th amendment shouldn’t apply to those proven guilty with out a doubt, of rape and pedophilia

  • Glaudia J.
    05/19/2021 22:53

    Now the men will check first, smart u guys are right?

  • George B.
    05/19/2021 18:35

    Yea but what happens if someone meets someone nice gets drunk and they go back to the hotel for consensual sex and she forgets to take it out .

  • Lauren R.
    05/19/2021 15:36

    this is awesome

  • Sade D.
    05/19/2021 15:31

    How would someone know when to wear it, it’s not a bad idea I’m just confused