Three Years of Trump

Three years... already.

A timeline of the top moments so far…..

“From this day forward, it's going to be only America first, America first,” is the phrase President Trump used to launch his unlikely bid for Commander and Chief. After 3 years in office, Mr. Trump has redefined what it means to be presidential.

  • While walking with the NATO leaders during his visit to the alliance's headquarters, President Donald Trump pushed aside Dusko Markovic, the prime minister of Montenegro, as he moved to the front of a group of the leaders.

  • Reporters asked questions about Trump’s initial response to violent protests in Charlottesville, Va. It was at this press conference that Trump said that "you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides,” when white nationalists were confronted by the American faction Antifa.

  • The President greeted German leader with a handshake upon her arrival but appeared to ignore requests to do so as the pair sat together in front of TV cameras.

  • In a Fox & Friends phone interview on, Trump said of the rapper Kanye West, “First of all, I like him a lot. He’s been a friend of mine. I’ve known him for a long time. He’s a very different kind of a guy. I say that in a positive way, but he is a different kind of a guy.”

  • The Paris agreement brought together 195 nations in the battle to combat climate change. The pull-out by Trump for the U.S. will take effect the day after the 2020 US presidential election – assuming that Mr Trump is re-elected.

  • The Trump administration officially opened the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem in a historic move cheered by Israelis but met with mass protests from Palestinians that turned deadly in the lead-up to the ceremony.

  • Donald Trump lambasted Kim Jong-un at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama saying ‘we have no choice’ with North Korea. Trump called Kim 'little rocket man' and described him as a madman.

  • "This is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water." Trump added that Puerto Rico would have to rebuild its infrastructure after Hurricane Maria.

  • The president raised eyebrows by suggesting his administration was constructing a border fence in a state that isn't located on the border.

  • President Donald Trump confirmed Sunday that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the elusive leader of the Islamic State, was killed in a U.S. special operations raid launched in Syria.

  • Trump said during a White House press conference that al-Baghdadi “died like a dog” after being chased down a dead-end tunnel by American commandos and U.S. military canines.

  • President Donald Trump said he doesn’t “see any reason why” Russia would interfere with the 2016 election, at an extraordinary press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The comment was the latest instance of Trump breaking with the U.S. intelligence community but was all the more explosive when said standing next to Putin, after a nearly two-hour one-on-one meeting and extended bilateral summit in Helsinki, Finland.

  • President Donald Trump isfacing an impeachment inquiry for urging Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and his son—but that didn’t stop him from publicly announcing on Thursday that he wants China to probe the Bidens.

  • President Donald Trump on signed a directive centralizing all military space functions under a new Space Force, which will be overseen by the Department of the Air Force.

  • The Associated Press reported that a deal appears to be in place to prevent the fourth shutdown of Donald Trump’s presidency.


11/08/2019 5:27 PMupdated: 01/08/2020 10:34 PM


  • Peter G.
    02/20/2021 20:28

    What a pity someone didnt tell Trump that wind turbines can store energy. 🤔

  • Peter G.
    02/20/2021 20:26

    'From this day forward it's going to be China and Russia first'_ THAT'S what he meant to say

  • Shirley N.
    01/28/2021 18:22

    “His followers aren’t as smart as he is. “

  • Shirley N.
    01/28/2021 18:18

    “He lost bigly like a rocket spiralling downward.”

  • Oscar C.
    01/22/2021 17:42

    All of the scumbags racist and bigot they are going to crawl back up underneath that rock where they come from never come back out again because there will be no more Trump the Republican them trying to get him out then I want him

  • Mary S.
    01/02/2021 14:02

    Such an ignorent man so unprofessional in the public, I would be totally shocked and embarrassed by the way he treats the professionals, get rid off him

  • Denise B.
    12/25/2020 22:03

    Just a few more days to go and I can start to quilt once more

  • Adeeb T.
    12/25/2020 04:16

    Trump’s Lip service. At the back, he is doing just the opposite.

  • Phil E.
    12/10/2020 02:13

    The Biden nightmare has already started.

  • Barbara J.
    12/10/2020 01:12

    America is going to be first but without you dumpty!!

  • Barbara J.
    12/10/2020 01:12


  • Jim E.
    12/09/2020 19:53

    Thank God this nightmare is over

  • Francine C.
    12/08/2020 07:15

    Followers: Please get help. You need it for all that brainwashing that Trump did to you all. You can't even tell that he's laughing at you behind your backs but right in front of you too.

  • John G.
    12/07/2020 18:37

    Time for you to leave trump 🥶🥶🥶

  • Bart B.
    12/07/2020 08:05

    America first to be screwed over.

  • Bev R.
    12/06/2020 15:02

    What a load of crap what he should have said is “ from this day forth it’s going to be Donald Trump first “

  • Cliff T.
    12/06/2020 09:07


  • Hector F.
    12/06/2020 08:21

    your face like bull frog

  • Hector F.
    12/06/2020 08:21

    look your trump are your bull frog hehehe

  • Jason K.
    12/06/2020 02:26

    I'm glad I'm Canadian

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