Trump's "anything like this"

President Trump has never seen anything like this.* *And by “this” we mean everything. Every single time.

09/11/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Liston B.
    09/11/2017 16:42

    A special type of asshole this one.

  • John T.
    09/11/2017 16:42

    there's never been anything like trump that's for sure...

  • Gregory M.
    09/11/2017 16:43


  • Samford N.
    09/11/2017 16:43

    Can we get a "many many people are saying" video. Im sure ive seen a "believe me" vid somewhere lol

  • Michelle L.
    09/11/2017 16:55

    What he means to say is, "I've lived in a bubble my entire life and never given a shit about anything or anyone except myself" therefore I never realized that crap like this happens and there's actually a world outside my window that I should care about more than myself.

  • Becky J.
    09/11/2017 17:00


  • Sayyou S.
    09/11/2017 17:03

    I have never seen anything like this ..

  • Bernie F.
    09/11/2017 17:04


  • Chace J.
    09/11/2017 17:22

    Such bigly bigly words from the bigly brain..The whole world has not seen anything like the red faced piece of shit trying desperately to sound intelligent..So pathetic!!

  • Valeria S.
    09/11/2017 19:23

    Wtf!!!! 😡😡😡😡

  • Peyton L.
    09/11/2017 20:12

    Donald "Never seen anything like it" Trump

  • Liaxl X.
    09/11/2017 20:17

    so annoying lol

  • Sajjad H.
    09/11/2017 20:18

    What a president. Never seen anything like this 😂

  • Michael F.
    09/11/2017 20:45


  • Zach R.
    09/11/2017 21:19

    There has never been anything like this video

  • Dillon S.
    09/11/2017 21:52

    Is it really that shocking that he has a vocabulary of 1000 repetitive phrases and words? It doesn't stop at him tho. His followers are just as bad. Can't go long without calling independent thinkers "snowflakes" or "liberals" just bc they don't have an argument to back up their morality.

  • Karli G.
    09/11/2017 21:52


  • Ridge S.
    09/11/2017 22:17

    Is he wrong though?

  • Isai P.
    09/11/2017 22:23

    I never seen a President like this.. 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Tommy M.
    09/11/2017 22:33

    Lol yall really do find anything and everything to bitch about