• Brad R.
    09/26/2017 23:29

    Denise Thomas

  • Ale G.
    09/12/2017 18:57

    Even since 9/11 he kept repeating the same 🙄

  • Charles J.
    09/12/2017 18:54

    Guess you're running out of stuff to talk about.

  • Andy N.
    09/12/2017 17:08

    *Trump sees this video* "There's never been anything like this in the history of social media." Lol

  • Brennan L.
    09/12/2017 16:58

    Has has the best words lol

  • Casey J.
    09/12/2017 16:25

    many times 😂(Bigly)

  • Miguel R.
    09/12/2017 15:30

    He feels so "special"

  • Joe C.
    09/12/2017 15:17

    He doesn't get out much......lol

  • Diana B.
    09/12/2017 14:57

    He never seen a dictionary book

  • Jackson S.
    09/12/2017 13:40

    My theory is that he loves hyperbole so much that he even feels the need to brag about how big the disasters are too.

  • Bethanie B.
    09/12/2017 13:09

    Ray Carthen

  • Jeff R.
    09/12/2017 12:34

    The man is a walking idiom of limited vocabulary and limited world view. Sheltered, pampered, protected from disagreeable truths. He's as much of a delicate little snowflake as I have ever seen.

  • Heather H.
    09/12/2017 12:27

    lol such limited vocab! 🤣

  • Dolores R.
    09/12/2017 11:13

    If you repeat words over and over people tend to believe you. Slow minded people,,,, get brain washed,,, they still do..

  • Dolores R.
    09/12/2017 11:07

    Bannon and him got copy rights to his many dumb phases,,,like this one. Bannon say ,,,BC people listen to plain language,,, BC people are plain and have small minds,,, they don't have the mental capacity to listen or understand big words. He said trump was talking locker room talk,,,when he was talking to bush about women,,, but yet when people say things about trump,,,, they get all hot and bothered..... Uhh??

  • Briley C.
    09/12/2017 05:42


  • Laura H.
    09/12/2017 03:46

    Hes been living under a rock. Maybe that's why hes such a dumbass

  • Ava D.
    09/12/2017 03:41

    "the opioid"...

  • Alexandria B.
    09/12/2017 02:08

    What a joke

  • Colton W.
    09/12/2017 01:56

    Where's the montage of Obama crying like a little kid? That would be a good one to do next 😂😘

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