Using rats to detect anti-personnel mines

Meanwhile, in Sub-Saharan Africa, these rats are saving lives. Their mission? Detecting anti-personnel mines. Meet the HeroRATS.

09/19/2020 4:20 PM


  • Kelvin L.
    10/13/2020 12:32

    The problem of mines is eased, by the use of these Rats, but will NEVER be solved as long as humans keep using them. Because of this, you can never guarantee that ANY stretch of land will ever be totally mine-free.

  • Kermit K.
    10/06/2020 03:27

    Yaaay for the rats! Rats are smart!

  • Antonio S.
    10/02/2020 14:12


  • Vlad B.
    09/30/2020 04:22

    Send them to China for retirement, 😂 😂 😂

  • Jesus E.
    09/28/2020 18:28

    Sad 😔 I cannot believe this. we have the technology to detect mines or simply create a robot that can walk and trigger them but I can see that no one is willing to put more money than just using rats 🐀

  • Khairulanuar B.
    09/27/2020 12:00

    Cambodia Rat mine detector..

  • Ana P.
    09/26/2020 21:11

    I am not a rat fan,,but animal should be just animal.. If human kind would use common sense and stop greed y money hunger games using wars then it would be no need to clean our beautiful Earth from mines and other post wars trash. Coming from country which had a war and still has mine fields,.. War is a biggest misery for majority of people,,yet big profit for small percent of "humans".. Feel sorry for rat..solving nonsense of madness called war...🤮🤮🤮😢😢

  • Hilary C.
    09/26/2020 17:23

    I'm in Canada and one year, my nephews Christmas gift to his parents was to sponsor the training and care of one of these rats in their name.

  • Fre e.
    09/24/2020 23:39

    little super heros

  • Tijmen A.
    09/24/2020 17:16

    goed bezig rat

  • Tutu M.
    09/24/2020 09:13

    man made problems and animals have to solve it?

  • Letta J.
    09/24/2020 00:09

    Sometimes the word hero just isn't strong enough.

  • Cody H.
    09/23/2020 23:08


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