Vaccine nationalism poses a threat to millions

“It’s insane that someone like me, who’s healthy, young and lives in a wealthy country will receive the Covid-19 vaccine before someone who’s at risk in less wealthy nations.”

02/10/2021 7:58 PM


  • Apothuchen N.
    05/26/2021 14:18

    Most of those countries are well resources , but corruption takeover & left public in hell. I don’t get it , why people choose criminal leaders to manage the nation🥲

  • Khodr B.
    05/26/2021 11:43


  • Jay S.
    05/26/2021 11:30

    What I want to know is, when are they going to vaccinate all the homeless?. They push for everyone to get vaccinated but leave the homeless unvaccinated. I haven’t seen or heard anything about that anywhere. Also why isn’t the vaccine giving people the antibodies?? Fully vaccinated people are still getting covid.

  • Cher v.
    05/26/2021 09:29

    Pharma will not share the formula, simply because of the money. And because the content will be revealed. Call me crazy but i still am not comfortable about it.

  • Chandra T.
    05/26/2021 07:01

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