What Global Climate Activists Are Demanding

Over 500 young activists gathered at the United Nations to propose radical action to fight the climate crisis. This is what they want. 👇

Youth Climate Summit Green Ticket Winners

More than 500 young activists got together at the UN to demand radical action on climate change. 100 “Green Ticket” winners who demonstrated commitment to climate action and problem solving were chosen from around the world to attend the first ever UN Youth Climate Summit. The winners are now looking to share their message and initiate action. It came days before a climate action summit which UN chief Antonio Guterres has called to seek greater commitments from world leaders on reducing their greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris accord to avert runaway global warming.

Thunberg, whose protests outside Sweden’s parliament last year sparked the global youth movement, spoke first but briefly, saying she wanted to give more time to others. “Millions of people across the globe marched and demanded real climate action, especially young people. We showed that we are united and that we young people are unstoppable,” Greta Thunberg tells a large crowd in NYC. Masses of children skipped school to join global strikes that Thunberg said were “only the beginning” of the movement. Green Ticket winners Lalita Anousha Purbho-Junggee, CĂŽme Girschig, Jackson Zhao, Vania Santoso and Jorge MartĂ­nez PĂ©rez Tejada all stated their environmental plights to highlight the case of climate change of their respected countries.

Activists at the gathering demanded money for a fund to help poorer nations adapt to a warming world and provide greener energy. They also insisted that the world should wean itself quickly from coal, oil and gas, linked to climate change. During Thunberg’s short lifetime, for example, Earth has already warmed 0.6 degrees Fahrenheit (0.34 degrees Celsius). After listening to Thunberg and other youth climate activists, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres credited young people with transforming him from a pessimist to an optimist in the fight against global warming.


09/24/2019 9:58 PMupdated: 09/25/2019 1:19 PM


  • Julie O.
    09/30/2019 23:14

    Honestly, sell smelly stuff and stay out of politics... it's poor business practice. Your demographic is likely to take offense. Using groomed children to push taxation via virtue is dirty. Mho

  • Friedrich D.
    09/30/2019 23:08

    Will they ever support the only solution that would cut their carbon boogeyman to ribbons? You'll never hear them do so, because "MUH CHERNUBBLE THO"! 😂

  • Nouh A.
    09/30/2019 22:11


  • Lily A.
    09/30/2019 18:23

    Don’t worry the lord said we well all burn by fire. There is no way that we are going to change the climate. It’s way to late to change ours ways now. I give it another 10-20 of years until we humans start dying off.

  • Juan C.
    09/30/2019 16:48

    If we would like climate changes end,we need stop sinning.God can forgive our sins.

  • Will C.
    09/30/2019 11:56

    Climate change is a joke.

  • Will J.
    09/30/2019 04:02

    I think we should all pitch in to help

  • Dave E.
    09/30/2019 00:42

    And none of them are a scientist.

  • Justen B.
    09/29/2019 22:05

    If climate change kills everyone I wont be surprised. However, I would most definitely take pleasure in watching entire families of deniers wash away in tsunamis or dying of heat stroke. Theres a silver lining to everything

  • Fred A.
    09/29/2019 21:09

    these kids have really great ideas to clean up the world. to bad they have tied it to the climate change crisis hoax.

  • Jim E.
    09/29/2019 19:14

    Gas up the auto. Fuel up the jet planes. Turn on the climate controls in the hotel rooms. We are going to protest!

  • Ray D.
    09/29/2019 10:32

    I am sick of this new craze liberals have of using children to spread their nonesense. This little girl is already getting death threats from crazies on the internet. If idiot celebrities like Alyssa Milano chose to be used then that's wonderful. It is irresponsible and dangerous to thrust kids into the national spotlight. These protest were also organised by adults on the internet and promoted by school officials. Putting thousands of little kids into the streets of cities like Chicago in this day and age is also very dangerous. Please go find more bankrupt and attention starved stars for your purpose and let kids be kids.

  • Gerhard F.
    09/29/2019 08:01


  • James L.
    09/29/2019 06:59

    Let the global warming come. Let it kill off people. Over population is a major problem and it has been way past time to deal with it. Time to time the humanity herd.

  • Chris G.
    09/29/2019 05:47

    Just find the global thermostat and put it lower...jeezze do i have to do all the thinking here?

  • Ron F.
    09/29/2019 04:09

    What type of transportation did these people use to go to the U.N.? How many of them are wearing synthetic clothes? How many of them use electronic devices? How do they get the power for their homes? Practice what you preach or STHU!!

  • Rhani B.
    09/29/2019 00:17

    Goodmorning ev'ryone, Welcome to the United Nations! A quick many of you here are against the use of fossil fuel as a means to power cars, buses, and the large, passenger jetliners that each and every one of us have used in the past 48 hours?

  • Matthew D.
    09/28/2019 22:51

    What a joke..

  • Mike B.
    09/28/2019 21:47

    Being brain washed.

  • Mickey C.
    09/28/2019 19:10

    this hysteria has been propagated for decades,global cooling, global warming, acid rain, it is all about control and global society. There have been more dooms day predictions spoon fed to kids and not 1 of those predictions have come to pass. These propagandists need to stop fearmongering, and indoctrinating kids into their cult of climate change doom.

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