What would happen to Earth if humans suddenly disappeared ?

If humans suddenly disappeared, here is what could happen to our planet.

08/25/2017 3:17 PM


  • Larns A.
    18 hours

    So what are we waiting for? Let's start killing ourselves.

  • Kurt R.
    20 hours

    Sorry WHAT IF? Already did this😂

  • Syed H.
    a day

    Maybe floods storms and other such catastrophes will act as immune system of the planet keep on maintaining the balance

  • Craig G.
    2 days

    What a load of shit, 30 years buildings will start to crumble, there are buildings standing perfectly well hundreds of years old

  • Martin D.
    2 days

    Madness?, God Save

  • Andy E.
    2 days

    The earth will heal 🌏

  • Aro A.
    2 days

    lahat prediction lang yon.... let nature decides

  • Hebron H.
    2 days

    So i think the animal had already plan on killing as all, btw good idea

  • Fernando O.
    2 days

    Buti nalang sabe ng ate ko hayop daw ako HAHA

  • Ren S.
    2 days

    Planet earth will be happy if humans disappear. This must be happen Now.

  • Roan A.
    2 days

    Earth will not miss us...

  • Mark R.
    2 days

    hmm reminds me of Dr. stone

  • AS R.
    2 days


  • Fred R.
    2 days

    Just look at what the animals and birds are doing right now, roaming in places they wouldn't be allowed to go.

  • Sanjay D.
    2 days

    What about nuclear power plant won't it blast if human being does not exist

  • Zill E.
    2 days

    Seems funny. Who has seen tomorrow neither you nor I.

  • Fairudz Z.
    2 days

    Just watch Dr. Stone

  • Kevin W.
    2 days

    Stupid video

  • Umair M.
    2 days

    Humans are most dangerous species on the planet

  • M N.
    2 days

    But plastic goods would be there forever continue destroying nature 🥺🥺

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