Why a key evangelical came out against Trump

Over 80 percent of evangelical Christians supported Donald Trump in 2016 — the former editor in chief of "Christianity Today" wants this to change in 2020.

Christian editor retiring after anti-administration editorial

Mark Galli was the editor in chief of Christianity Today – a prominent evangelical magazine. In a bombshell op-ed, he called for President Trump’s removal from office on moral grounds. The op-ed sent shockwaves through America's Evangelical community. A group of nearly 200 evangelical leaders sent a letter rebuking his editorial. It even prompted an answer from Trump.

‘Not morally fit to be president’

“The negative response wasn't a surprise, but the positive response was. It wasn't just "I agree with you, thanks for writing it," but well, it was, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you" with 10 exclamation points. "Finally, someone said something." And I hadn't actually realized that there is a yearning among many, many of our readers for us to say this more forcefully and directly than we had. I will say that my evangelical friends don't seem to understand the gravity of when the president of the United States uses such language to denigrate other people, his political enemies. How that that coarseness infects our culture in a way that is very destructive. And I don't think my evangelical friends quite understand what a serious that thing that is for the president of the United States to do. Whether we're talking about evangelicals or Mormons or Roman Catholics, people who, as I said, don't necessarily believe what we believe. They want us to have the moral integrity to be consistent and to speak up when we think there is an issue. And they will respect that even if they might disagree with it. And I think I just think that's one of the important roles of religion in American life today”, Mark Galli tells Brut.

Religious groups have an obligation to society, to have integrity and to stick by their beliefs

According to the Pew Research Center about 81% of evangelical Christians — a group that makes up 25% of the electorate — voted for Trump in 2016. In December 2019, about 8 in 10 of that group approved of his job performance baes on an AP-NORC Poll.