Why African Americans are at higher risk of dying from coronavirus

"If we thought we saw something bad in NYC, then just wait until this hits the Deep South." African Americans are suffering from COVID-19 disproportionately compared to the rest of the U.S. population.

04/10/2020 7:39 PMupdated: 04/10/2020 7:40 PM
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  • Kathleen S.
    05/19/2020 14:47

    OK so I stopped at "putting industries in certain zip codes" and that's why african americans are getting Covid 19 more than other ethnicities. No, most companies build their plants and factories in more isolated areas and what happens is towns build up around them and people who move there do so to be closer to work, eliminating long commutes. That's like complaining about the noise from an airport after you bought a house near the aiport. Sorry, not buying this one.

  • Alicia M.
    05/19/2020 13:40

    White folks, Hispanics, etc....have these diseases also!!!

  • Jeff M.
    05/19/2020 13:36

    full of crap

  • Richard M.
    05/19/2020 13:14

    Blame everything on racism. Shocking turn of events.

  • Virgilio D.
    05/19/2020 05:51

    If you were born a poor man and die a poor man it is no one else’s fault but your own. Life is a journey not a destination.

  • Jean J.
    05/19/2020 05:30

    Don’t argue with russia that’s what they want

  • Nathan A.
    05/19/2020 04:21

    You knew but you didn’t warn people?

  • Chad C.
    05/19/2020 03:37

    “Facts” I think not. The human body is the same no matter the skin color stupid people like this kill me. Just trying to keep racism going. In my eyes you’re pure trash

  • Vijay N.
    05/19/2020 02:59

  • Julio G.
    05/19/2020 02:53

    Once again it’s racism that’s causing the higher covid 19 deaths among has nothing to do with their over all health,Poor eating habits,genetics and general behavior.Their poor eating habits are blamed on the blue eyed devil.everthing that plagues the black community is the white mans fault.Is there anything that they’re willing to take responsibility for.Iam Hispanic and I don’t blame anyone or any group For anything negative in my life,but I also don’t give credit to anyone or any group for anything positive also.You make your own destiny with a few exceptions.Iam my own destiny.if I come down with covid it would probably most likely be my fault for not following CDC guidelines.If I die from covid it would probably a combination of age,genetics and just plain old bad luck but it won’t be the white mans fault.

  • Sean B.
    05/19/2020 02:32

    At first they said Africans wr going to die in thr millions. 🤔🤔

  • Emmanuel D.
    05/19/2020 01:23

    This are lies it's never true

  • Michael R.
    05/19/2020 01:10

    Yes population reduction!

  • Bruce G.
    05/19/2020 00:40

    First death in the United States of Israel was in October

  • Richard E.
    05/18/2020 23:59

    How could all the leaders in the game of world survival be rich and famous okay I mean wealthy and Famous and some even appear to be stupid is that the Illuminati or what ho

  • Steven B.
    05/18/2020 21:13

    Ask yourself this though was it man-made and is it doing what it was supposed to do in the first place it's not killing off your colour or mine it's killing off old all over the world here in Canada Ontario we've had nobody around us Within 3 to 4 hours that I've ever seen anything besides a nursing home in Bobcaygeon nobody's been sick here all those small towns in the middle of the bush but we all have no jobs or income now.

  • Mike C.
    05/18/2020 20:43

    It’s skin pigment and sun exposure.

  • Mirna M.
    05/18/2020 19:15

    Your work is appreciated, but this analysis is so condescending. Disadvantaged communities of whatever race or ethnicity need to change their way of THINKING. If we don’t make the right decisions that is going to have an impact on our quality of life. The resources are available to everyone. If we don’t make use of them we are at fault, not others. There are many other factors that increase risk of contagion, such as social customs and density of population. Please don’t use the “systemic racism” concept and make such a big deal out of it. We are free and responsible to make our own choices. Please stop portraying us as victims. You are not doing us a favor,

  • Jason D.
    05/17/2020 01:16


  • Jen F.
    05/08/2020 20:56

    Can u believe blacks having it left right and center dying dying dying.