Wild animals trafficking is on the rise in France

A lion cub was removed from a Lamborghini in Paris. That's one of the many cases of illegal possessing of wild animals in France.

12/07/2018 7:47 AM
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  • Akemi N.
    12/07/2018 08:49

    Middle east custom. They bring their "culture" and try to spread to the locals. Also in US is very easy to buy tigers, lions, ligers. Very sad

  • Marianne M.
    12/07/2018 11:00


  • Guilherme N.
    12/07/2018 11:37

    After rescuing, burn the car.

  • Pam H.
    12/07/2018 12:05

    Terribly sad that so many humans think animals are toys. Thank goodness King now has some freedom, hopefully the rest will follow.

  • Mikey M.
    12/07/2018 12:57

    I would love to go midevil on that lambo with a bat to get the lion out.

  • Matt V.
    12/07/2018 13:14

    Get a wolf instead

  • Maila M.
    12/07/2018 13:46


  • Irena G.
    12/07/2018 15:11

    Bet you these owners are arabs

  • Lycan T.
    12/07/2018 15:28

    People is so fuckin stupid honestly.. Do you have any fuckin idea about the size a Lion can grow?

  • Starr N.
    12/07/2018 15:42


  • Mali C.
    12/07/2018 17:15

    The Privileged will destroy this world.

  • Vijay P.
    12/07/2018 17:42

    I dont know but it really feels like the end is very near for allllll the fucking fools here on earth. All of us. And it will a very veryyyyy painful one. Very painful. 😊

  • Samantha C.
    12/07/2018 18:40

    Love how “King” was taken back to South Africa 💖 🦁

  • Justin H.
    12/07/2018 19:59

    Im not saying it good to have lions but if they are constantly around humans and breed by humans eventually evolution takes it course and you get a domestic lion breed that might be safe around humans how do you think we got different dog and cat breeds

  • Chris Z.
    12/07/2018 20:41

    And so many wind up here I love volunteering there but it’s sad to see the reasons they wind up there

  • Max X.
    12/07/2018 21:10

    selfish people only think of their own gratification. They should watch the film " Born Free" and hopefully learn something!

  • Roxana G.
    12/08/2018 00:10

    This is terrible! You should treat this amazing animals with more respect, not have selfies with them and keep them as pets! They harm the animals for their arrogance! I think this people should be imprisoned and, after staying some years in a small jail cell, they might stop putting animals into small cages. Of course, it is not only the owners' fault. People shouldn't pay to have selfies with the wild animals, because they sustain this phenomenon.

  • Eva S.
    12/08/2018 01:18

    This confirms my opinion of humans ......

  • Stacey C.
    12/08/2018 03:05


  • Sahil N.
    12/08/2018 07:45

    And we name ourselves homo sapiens, the wise man