5 simple questions on the metaverse

What exactly is the metaverse? How are companies using it? And should we be worried? All your questions about the metaverse answered by a futurist …

02/18/2022 1:30 PM


  • John T.
    04/10/2022 07:26

    many applications

  • Marcel d.
    03/25/2022 07:41

    No thanks....not ever

  • Hizrah S.
    03/25/2022 01:37

    And It's not real right ? It's a game, we did the game like it's real, then it's just a game ? I don't understand

  • Platon A.
    03/24/2022 14:40

    Virtual reality is not like reality so much???

  • Metamask. Io
    03/22/2022 03:51

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  • Akhmad A.
    03/12/2022 00:37


  • Abhijit D.
    03/07/2022 04:14

    I have two Meta domains, click my profile.

  • Ashwani S.
    02/22/2022 07:24

    Absolutely anything.......... Huh

  • Marcel d.
    02/20/2022 23:07

    This should be forbidden as long as I care. Actual physical human interacting is what we need as a species

  • Mari G.
    02/20/2022 15:45

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  • Bruce K.
    02/19/2022 16:54

    run for your life.

  • Bruce K.
    02/19/2022 16:48 thanks.

  • Salwa I.
    02/19/2022 12:53

    dangerous people, i am not very comfortable watching this

  • Lance J.
    02/19/2022 09:25

    Its just a delusion by illusion !

  • Matt P.
    02/18/2022 18:49

    Screw this and screw zuck

  • Brut
    02/18/2022 15:22

    For more, follow Sinead Bovell on TikTok:

  • Rosa R.
    02/18/2022 15:02

    Yeah that they’re going to want to kill us and give us the promise that they’re going to keep us alive in this world digital world that we live there but the really just be killing us in English

  • Jenny L.
    02/18/2022 14:26


  • Fàizãñ S.
    02/18/2022 13:56

    I wud rather eat,travel around the world,enjoy nature,get married,buy things which others as well can enjoy,buy car,home etc then investing in cartoon characters

  • Bruce M.
    02/18/2022 13:53

    It's called no Reality.

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