A tortoise related to Lonesome George discovered in the Galapágos Islands

The famous Lonesome George was the last of his kind, but this incredible discovery has raised the hopes of scientists...

No longer extinct?

This newly discovered tortoise is related to an extinct species: the Chelonoidis abingdonii, that of the famous Lonesome George. The last of his species, he died in 2012, taking with him any hope of conservation. However, in January 2020, nearly 8 years after the species was officially declared extinct, scientists discovered this female who shares a genetic link to the extinct species.

She’s believed to be a direct descendent of a purebred tortoise who may still be living somewhere in the north of Isabela Island. On this island in the Galápagos, scientists were leading an expedition on the Wolf volcano. In that area, whalers and pirates used to abandon tortoises taken from neighboring islands when they needed to lighten the ships’ load.

On site, the teams also discovered 29 tortoises that shared partial lineage with another extinct species: the Chelonoidis nigra. All of the newly discovered tortoises were transported to a breeding center on Santa Cruz Island, where they should be studied and implemented in a breeding program.


02/05/2020 8:01 AM
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    And then they will be extinct again. Because of humans.

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    Why all? Must leave a pair to reproduce in the wild.

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    One GOOD NEWS for a change

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    What right have they got to move them, should be left alone in their own natural environment, study them from a distance there 😡

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    Yeahhh you say, breeding.. then how could George be so lonesome? You all better dont mess it up. They supposed to be left living in its habitat. Nature will have its way to protect them 😌. Human is a smartass!

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    They lived their life very happily in their own environment. Again we humans started our work to reproduce for our own happiness. Why don’t we understand one day we only destroy our own planet 🌎 by these kind of activities.

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    Stupid humans

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    So they found them living there best life to trap n breed them in the name of science, how is this helping??? I really hope none dies from stress

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    And these tortoise wasn't discovered, they were already there.

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    It's gonna be worst, you took them in the island where they survived for a long time then you place in a sanctuary that you say but it actually a cage for them😞

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