• Fran E.
    01/26/2021 12:52

    It's fascinating to see something done with plants the right way. The Bible foretells a time, very close to hand, when the Earth 🌎 will be restored to paradise conditions Notice what this prophecy in the book of Isaiah ch 65 verses 21-25 says "They will build houses and live in them.......they will not build for someone else to inhabit.....they will not toil for nothing, nor will they bear children for distress.....the wolf and the lamb will feed together, the lion will eat straw just like the bull" Would you like to know when these promises will be fulfilled. Why not visit jw.org and learn for yourself why millions today have put their faith in God's Kingdom government as the solution to mankind's distress.

  • Ali A.
    12/09/2020 22:52


  • Karen Z.
    12/08/2020 21:59


  • Daniel O.
    12/08/2020 03:05

    Now that is true wisdom...

  • Cherylene S.
    01/29/2019 01:51

    No such thing as a weed!👏👏👏👍👍👍💞💞💞

  • Sarah M.
    01/28/2019 01:14


  • Cynthia C.
    01/27/2019 17:10

    So interesting

  • Ludy V.
    01/21/2019 13:40


  • Rico Z.
    01/21/2019 04:13

    Es la idea bien clara

  • Grace J.
    01/21/2019 02:05


  • Indawati K.
    01/18/2019 20:46

    bisa di sharekan ke pak Imam. Bagus sekali ini technique dan philosophynya.

  • بلقيس ع.
    01/17/2019 21:12

    لو مترجم حتى نفهم يكون افضل

  • Roseanne B.
    01/15/2019 04:01


  • Marco A.
    01/14/2019 15:33


  • René B.
    01/12/2019 08:50

    Maybe New Zealand could adapt some of this ideology, rather than its present full-on dairy and meat farming, specially because the younger generation is demanding a more balanced diet these days.

  • Sandy B.
    01/11/2019 22:59

    Missing a bit of fungi then jobs a good un!

  • Sher H.
    01/10/2019 15:32

    In Taiwan we also have Roselle tree. We drink it as a juice.

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