• Shermaine D.
    05/25/2017 04:27

    All fake news. I gotta tell u..

  • Max G.
    05/17/2017 13:26

    That's "Fonzie"

  • Chase T.
    05/17/2017 00:10

    Brut sucks

  • Brandon L.
    05/17/2017 00:05

    Over the last 100 years we've pumped more toxic harmful shit into the atmosphere than the millions of years previous and profit makes it acceptable to the right

  • Tyler P.
    05/16/2017 23:53

    Ya had me until you put Nixon in there. Not the ideal candidate to say "he supports the environment". The only president that resigned because he would have been impeached 😂😂😂

  • Michael H.
    05/16/2017 22:20

    Do we have a tally on McCain and Curbelo voting track record towards these green solutions? Or did they buckle when the lobbyists came knocking?

  • Joel Z.
    05/16/2017 22:09

    Too bad they're in the minority

  • Julian G.
    05/16/2017 21:37

    I think by "we need some GLOBAL WARMING", he thinks that with out it, it will always be cold. Lol

  • AJ P.
    05/16/2017 21:00

    While China and India are setting up a clean energy grid and training their children in the jobs of the future, we here in the USA are building pipelines to move sludge and training our children for jobs that soon won't exist. 🤔😓😢😭

  • Pisto P.
    05/16/2017 18:24

    Ahhh yes and so begins the Republican propaganda in order to cover their asses.

  • Ben M.
    05/16/2017 17:57

    I'm there are Republicans with some sense left

  • Jonathan J.
    05/16/2017 17:54

    Whether or not climate change is real shouldn't be a sticking point in the argument. Simple fact is, if we can achieve the same or better results without relying on filthy coal or dangerous nuclear power, we should be taking that route. America should be CONSTANTLY striving to lead the rest of the world through innovation, not bigger weapons. Anyone ever read the novel Snow Crash? We keep going the way we are, the only things America will maintain superiority in will be movies, pop music and high speed pizza delivery.

  • Ualb J.
    05/16/2017 17:38

    Screw these people! Sure they all have said climate change is real. Meanwhile McCain voted for the nuclear option to get gorsuch on the bench, Dooley started the tea party (need I say more), and Curbelo voted to repeal the ACA. They don't deserve praise for wanting to address cl mate change.

  • Kevin K.
    05/16/2017 17:20

    That thing is the founder of the Tea Party

  • Lulu L.
    05/16/2017 15:22

    Of course climate change is for real, how about to change Rump for real president, but Not pence or Ryan.

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