Where do pigeons come from?

Pigeons are one of the most common urban animals, but how did they get here in the first place? 🤔

08/09/2018 6:39 AM
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  • Paolaroberta G.
    08/09/2018 07:04

    When environment is clean, they manage to remain so perfumed, busy in baths and daily toilet... When domesticated they are so clever and super affectionate !!

  • Paolaroberta G.
    08/09/2018 07:10

    Well actually they can keep own good smell also in dirty cities, but get attacked by parasites (and human misunderstanding

  • Daniel H.
    08/09/2018 07:10

    with their Egg

  • Ryan J.
    08/09/2018 07:31

    Duh, the pidgeon hole genius

  • Bojan B.
    08/09/2018 09:32

    Varda i tuoi animali preferiti :)))))))

  • Matea T.
    08/09/2018 10:27

    neki bi rekli da dolaze iz visnjevca...

  • Troy W.
    08/09/2018 13:11

    What about the poor passenger pidgeon, they hunted to extinction.

  • Bonnie R.
    08/09/2018 15:05

    Feeding them bread is sooo bad for their digestion, when will humans learn. Birds are not garbage dumps.

  • Ariana A.
    08/10/2018 01:39

    Rats with wings..pretty to look at but..still rats with wings..

  • Thakur D.
    08/10/2018 14:04

    Shame on u

  • Gerardo E.
    08/10/2018 22:26

    Que nota!!!!! Si supiéramos inglés

  • Marieana P.
    08/10/2018 22:29

    We race them as pet not as food my cousin make their house above the tree he starting 2 pigeon two weeks after they became morethan 20 and we let them free we just feed a seeds of corn and rice but their pop u can see anywhere whem u hang ur clothes outside don't expect u can get it without their pop ....they invite their friend from another town to visit and live their house and now they morethan 200 they flying freely ..

  • Casey F.
    08/11/2018 14:25

    They flew

  • Lynette V.
    08/11/2018 16:55

    , who knew?!

  • Ken J.
    08/12/2018 10:19

    Hey , I’m still fascinated by them at every DART station.😎

  • Karen R.
    08/12/2018 10:59

    Beautiful Pigeons 😍😍😍 ❤🌿💛🌿💚🌿💙🌿🧡🌿💜🌿

  • Angela M.
    08/13/2018 20:09

    Beautiful birds xx💕

  • James S.
    08/14/2018 17:33

    Some people refer to them as rats on wings but but they both play a part in cleaning up after humans who just throw rubbish down including food, so if rats and pigeons have such a bad reputation i can only imagine how they must refer to the human race! Nothing wrong with rats or pigeons its lazy humans that is the problem...

  • Michael M.
    08/14/2018 21:10

    Everybody forgets that pigeons helped the U.S. and the Allied forces win WWI by delivering military messages over dangerous skies.

  • Iuri S.
    08/14/2018 22:15

    olha que lindos 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂