• Mari J.
    10/09/2018 02:12

    Not on my dime! Not game day! 🚫 NFL

  • Forney T.
    10/01/2018 04:01

    The REAL reason people hate the kneeling thing is they don’t turn on the tv to watch protesters they turn it on to watch football games. Then are forced to watch protesters. Most people just take the choice of neither instead of both. And I agree.

  • Ava W.
    09/30/2018 19:41

    I shared with 5000 followers And I will share two more I'm not going to stop this video is going to go be seen by everybody Avawolf don't keep secrets

  • Hector G.
    09/29/2018 19:00

    Arguing with others about your opinion is pointless because at the end of the day we all have our own standing on this so can we just move on and stop buying Nike and others who support him continue to do so

  • Nathaniel L.
    09/28/2018 22:20

    Doesn’t mean that all Service Members or vets agree as I don’t support Kapernick.

  • Brian J.
    09/28/2018 01:43

    Does this guy even know that statistically his beliefs aren’t even backed up? I grew up in the south as well and I’ve seen racism towards whites blacks and Mexicans. Racism isn’t specific to blacks. However the issue is the fact that not only is his claim statistically inaccurate the majority of black murder are perpetrated by other blacks just as it is with whites killing whites. Even if we stopped all unarmed blacks being killed by law enforcement you would see less than a one percent decrease in black murders. At least be honest and stop pretending that somehow his is just a racist system holding them down and taking them out in the streets.

  • Tanner P.
    09/27/2018 22:03

    Hell ya keys glad to see your message is growing I've been apart of it since the first group was created years ago and couldn't be happier with where it's at you done an amazing job man keep helping. Hope one day I'll get the chance to shake your hand and thank you properly.

  • Julie T.
    09/27/2018 18:38

    so proud of you for speaking your truth

  • Lisa C.
    09/27/2018 08:02

    💜 ty

  • Sam C.
    09/27/2018 06:17


  • Dwaine K.
    09/26/2018 19:31

    Thanks everyone for watching. I'm the guy from the story. If you want to follow me, you can Bassdropkeys. Also join our community Do You Dab?? 420. We want to get all Veterans & adults off opiates and on to some kind of cannabis products. Much love. Good vibes only

  • Nicholas I.
    09/26/2018 18:21

    The grammar 😭😭

  • Umar B.
    09/26/2018 18:04

    Who very nic beautyfull parogram good night.

  • Lee C.
    09/26/2018 13:21

    I love it

  • Forney T.
    09/26/2018 05:49

    How many “real”jobs are there where you can hold a protest on your job and not get fired? None! Don’t believe me? Try it and see.

  • Lucy L.
    09/25/2018 14:50

    we all should be kneeling....'cause one way or another we all are being screwed over my this government

  • Alec R.
    09/25/2018 12:43

    You should be standing for the flag for the people that actually sacrificed something like their lives, if you can’t stand for the flag just so you can be cool and “believe” in your own beliefs, that’s cool to do that and another country that doesn’t have freedom and the opportunities. Don’t stand for the flag because someone told you to but stand for the flag for the ones who has fallen, the flag that’s draped over the coffin when they pass away. Your aunt uncle grandpa grandma Mom Dad sister brother cousins. What if that was your loved one in that coffin, would you stand for them?

  • Judi A.
    09/24/2018 22:30

    I think Colin did the RIGHT thing.

  • Joe B.
    09/24/2018 21:15

    Everybody on here can't be that ignorant I just can't take you black man being this ignorant

  • Brut
    09/24/2018 19:31

    This Green Beret veteran who convinced Colin Kaepernick that it was okay to kneel during the anthem says protesting is patriotic: