Black Army Vet Shares His View on Kneeling in Protest

This black army veteran shares his very personal perspective on the NFL anthem kneeling controversy. đŸ‡ș🇾

09/23/2018 5:01 PM


  • Charles C.
    07/17/2021 13:42

    Ignorance is free until it cost you.

  • Mark W.
    09/28/2020 19:49

    Keys for govenor?

  • MizDon'tYou W.
    09/27/2020 23:25

    See I'm a vet, father was in Kora, uncles served, brothers and now my sons. My son is black, he loves his country, but he dislikes BLM because he feels as though they only care for certain Black Americans, he's also law enforcement, and coming from stand point, he has been treated like crap, been threatened, and he use to love his job, now me looking at it, I want him to quit, because I fear for him. It's not always been easy for him or I, we both have been called names, by blacks and whites. I've had to move him from schools, had family that I walked away from, because of his skin color. What I think is this, if you wish to protest, then by all means, protest. But stop the violence, because it is coming to a point, of where many have lost their lives, and many more will. If a hate group tries to take over your protest, be the better person, knock them out of the ballpark, and you will taken a lot more seriously. Hope this doesn't make you mad.

  • Louis J.
    06/09/2020 21:16

    Watch "Reasons "The Star Spangled Banner" shouldn't be honored by black people!" on YouTube

  • Judith G.
    06/02/2020 03:25

    He is right!

  • Justin M.
    06/01/2020 12:07

    I'm sorry to hear the things you gone through in your life your country is one of the most corrupt along with other so called democratic countries England has conquered

  • David S.
    05/31/2020 02:08

    I'm a retired veteran when I see Wall St. controlling K Street and lobbyist controlling the We the Peoples Government. It no longer belongs to anyone but the Oligarchy. I kneel beside Colin Kaepernick. We the people didn't dishonor the flag. You did 45. Power to the People. All the People.

  • Eileen C.
    05/30/2020 21:37

    Trump made Kapernick's peaceful protest about the American flag to steer the national conversation away from police brutality by cops against the black community. Kapernick has unfairly been blacklisted from the NFL.

  • Hazel F.
    05/30/2020 21:17

    Of you are going to protest ,do it peacefully 😐

  • Krysta B.
    05/30/2020 20:16

    My Country" We feel that racism and sexism and class separation That these are desecrations And we feel that the American flag does not represent Integrity, honor, justice or truth My country 'tis of thee Sweet land of poverty For thee I weep Land where my mother cried Land where my father died Sweet land of genocide Pride of my heart My country 'tis of thee Sweet land of industry We'll break your back Clean out your minerals Fill you with chemicals We kill for what is profitable Oh concrete world Our climate's suffering All nature feels the sting Poisoned progress All of these mouths to feed All of this land to seed From sea to shining sea Gold underground Our people left to die Battlefield country-side Paved-over graves Suburban privileges make desolate villages Broken treaties, Broken promises Conquer, repeat All warriors represent Remind those who forget The time is now To walk in humble pride Prepare and fortify Resist comforts of compromise Pray for guidance

  • Dave J.
    05/30/2020 16:28

    My issue with this is that Kaepernick kneels for "black injustice" not "racial injustice". It's always one race group singled out, it's always just one race group that is marketed into headlines.. NO other race makes headlines when shot by officials - that is injustice in mind. Further I have never seen Kaepernick kneel for veterans... But what this veteran is talking about is very true, vets need more help.

  • Wild R.
    05/30/2020 14:16

    Trump has failed in more ways than his dumb nutshell could imagine 😡

  • Peg S.
    05/30/2020 13:43

    Well done Dwayne.

  • Peg S.
    05/30/2020 13:42

    If all Black players (and non Black) had been kneeling , NFL and others would have had to do something .

  • Kevin R.
    05/30/2020 11:27

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  • Anjima N.
    05/30/2020 10:50

    . .

  • Philippe L.
    05/30/2020 06:12

    All is quiet and nothing changes in United States, no surprise with Goofi Trump

  • Bernd S.
    05/30/2020 02:29

    Trump is not a president but a dictator, gently speaking It was fun watching Donald Trump actions. It was fun for a while. But he must be stopped. Enough lies. Enough crime, not only in the US, but in Europe too. Its over time for a revolution. Military must stop this dictator and the family members. Military must step in now and must restore law and order. Now. His actions are a war crime of inhumanity.

  • Charles B.
    05/30/2020 02:24

    The media people keep stoking the flames of racism and division.

  • Dicky B.
    05/30/2020 01:30

    He ain't got no job